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  • What are the main reasons for gold speculation losses

    read:2023/2/26 15:25:48

    What are the main reasons for gold speculation losses? I often hear some investors complaining bitterly about losses, so what exactly cashback">forex trading accounts the reason for investors losses? In fact, the main reason for this situation is: investors have some irrational investment ills forextradingaccountsregister technical errors 1, the lack of understanding of the relevant knowledge heard that this market winning opportunities, and then by the broker lulled a little, rashly into the market, did forextradingaccountstype learn the relevant knowledge, and even trading rules, the use of software are not clear "work to be good at what they do, must first benefit from its tools ", the resources in their own hands do not understand, want not to lose are difficult 2, no own trading strategy entry position is not appropriate, not conducive to hanging stop loss, or do not hang stop loss market big rise and fall is love to chase a single, the result is always chasing a market at the end of the order before placing the order for the profit space is not accurate positioning, there are unexpected market is caught off guard, etc. 3, trading operations frequently gold a day The average price fluctuations in about 8 U.S. dollars, relative to the lower commission, there are a lot of opportunities to catch the short term some people therefore a day trading three or four, or even a dozen back and forth the so-called do more wrong more, the more transactions, the greater the chance of error, for the error is not handled properly, followed by large losses frequent trading is brought about by the increase in fees, the final benefit is often the broker and Agents 4, learn the relevant knowledge is too mixed especially technical analysis, learn a mixed bag, a variety of indicators, graphs understand some, but not proficient, learn a four unlike, do single when the idea is confused 5, do not pay attention to money management they have no rhythm, no plan many investors even in the market has deviated from their own case, is still obsessed with death, not to stop loss in gold margin trading, for Trading is a small part of the margin, if the amount is too small, the risk tolerance will be very low, a sudden market may make you violent position 6, bad mentality exist fluke psychology learn not to hold the money and wait and see, always feel that as long as there is a single chance to win, so when the short position, always have the impulse to place a single, regardless of whether the trading is light at the time