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    What are the introductory cashback forex">forextradingaccountstype books: "Foreign exchange market day trading - technical forex trading accounts fundamental strategies for profiting from market volatility": (U.S.) Kathy Lien (Kathy Lien) Kathy Lien (Kathy Lien) is the chief strategist of foreign exchange brokerage FOREX Group (ForexCapitalMarketsLLC, FXCM) She is responsible for to provide research and analysis, including technical analysis and the basic points of the research report, market commentary and trading strategies before joining the foreign exchange group, Kathy was in JP Morgan Chase Bank and cross-market sector and foreign exchange trading sector work Kathy has extensive experience in the interbank market using technical analysis and basic analysis, spot foreign exchange transactions and options trading in addition to foreign exchange Cathy has experience trading a wide range of other financial products, including interest rate derivatives, bonds, equities and futures. The company has been a guest on CNBC TV, and her comments are often quoted by Bloomberg and Reuters How to make money with gold speculation experts free guidance bank gold and silver TD opening guide bank gold and silver simulation trading software set gold number desktop line intelligence tools forex trading skills and practical illustrations: the foreign exchange market is like a battlefield, before the investment operation, if we do not use the fine armed with themselves, will Pay a heavy price technical analysis for the foreign exchange market, is a very effective Many friends who have invested in stocks think that technical analysis does not play much of a role, this is because, our stock market trading amount is small, vulnerable to the control of a few bankers, technical analysis will naturally lose its due role while the foreign exchange market has an average daily turnover of trillions of dollars, this figure for the stock and other investment markets The book is dedicated to the application of technical analysis in the foreign exchange market, this book describes in detail from the basics of foreign exchange trading to the advanced use of technical analysis of the relevant content, and step by step to guide the reader to apply the various knowledge and skills of technical analysis The main contents of this book include: the basic concepts of foreign exchange trading, economic factors that affect the changes in foreign exchange prices, the basics of technical analysis of foreign exchange trading, technical indicators and the application of morphological analysis in technical analysis, trends and Elliott Wave Theory; and this book also introduces a new technical analysis tool - currency indices Foreign exchange trading 30 days documentary: executive summary This book is not a purely theoretical This book is not purely theoretical knowledge of reading, but a record of foreign exchange trading strategy documentary and instant record of forecasting ideas and insights of the main content by the famous Canadian trading strategist Mr. Bill led four traders to work together for 30 consecutive trading days of trading live talk content in the operation process is inevitable mistakes or even serious mistakes, because of this, the book has more to let the reader So it enables the reader to see the general foreign exchange textbook can not specifically describe the forecasting methods and trading mentality on the impact of the trading results of the process