• What are the important data affecting forex

    read:2023/2/26 15:15:50

    The trend of the forextradingaccountstype forextradingaccountsregister market will be largely affected by the fundamental news, as a foreign exchange trader to learn to pay attenticashback forex to the markets important macro-level news and all kinds of economic forex trading accounts as an important part of the macro-level news, but also traders need to focus on the object So what are the important data that affects foreign exchange?  1. Non-farm payroll data non-farm payroll data refers to the number of non-agricultural employment, employment rate and unemployment rate of the three values, is to reflect the employment status of the U.S. non-agricultural population data indicators, the monthly release of non-farm payroll data can visually reflect the economic situation of the United States, is the largest impact on the foreign exchange market a data, each release will trigger the market shock, so traders for each non-farm payroll data release should focus on The data will have the greatest impact on the foreign exchange market.  2. Inflation data Inflation data is a classification of data, including many specific data indices which are most widely known and have the greatest impact on the foreign exchange market is the Consumer Price Index, or CPI data which measures the change in the value of a fixed basket of goods and services over a period of time, while other inflation data such as the Producer Price Index or the Wholesale Price Index measure the value of goods produced by multiple manufacturing sectors, respectively. Retail trade data examine the change in the value of goods sold by retail traders to consumers The U.S. Census Bureau publishes retail sales data once a month All other major economies also publish retail sales data monthly Forex traders should be cautious about these data, monthly changes can be very large, and the magnitude of the revisions can sometimes be relatively large The main important data affecting foreign exchange is The above three, in addition to these data on the foreign exchange market there is a certain impact on the data are U.S. durable goods data and gross domestic product data gross domestic product is also commonly known as GDP data, but it has a very strong lag