• What are the chasing orders in forex trading

    read:2023/2/26 14:56:56

    forex tradforex trading accountsg in the pursuit of a forextradingaccountstype! The single chase, refers to the beginning of the market in the direction of forextradingaccountsregister fluctuations to do a single cashback forex in a very short period of time to complete the transaction of a single method, this method is generally used to recover losses or expand profits when investors profit, feel that the following market trends in line with their own judgment, and then chase a single want to get more profits in general, profit chase single is possible, as long as not blindly additional funds on When investors have lost money, they will also be troubled whether to chase a single, on the one hand, they worry about chasing a single, and then there may be losses; but not to chase a single, and feel a little regret, because it is likely to immediately recover losses So how should investors use chase a single? Today, we will talk about the single point in time chase single is in the foreign exchange price fluctuations made when the transaction, then the basic principle is that in the foreign exchange price began to fluctuate sharply when you should consider chasing a single mainly from two aspects to see whether the foreign exchange price began to fluctuate sharply 1. foreign exchange price in the time of the break single so-called break refers to the foreign exchange price breakthrough all k-line combinations including piercing, pressure level, support level, circular arc. Pressure level, support, arc combination, channel, etc. Because once the foreign exchange price breaks, the price will be biased in the direction of the break, and continue to go less, therefore, the traders goal is to close the position after the profit action 2. in the European and American opening time before and after the single operation can also be chased because the European and American opening before and after the price will generally have greater volatility, so when the European and American opening before and after the price can be noted under the price The change in the price, to find the right price level to chase a single single chase profit closing principle in general, foreign exchange prices once broken prices will continue to go in the direction of the broken at least 3-5 U.S. dollars, so if the trader chase a single, then the goal is to close the position after a profit of 3-5 U.S. dollars operation chase single operation skills 1.hanging single in general, foreign exchange prices began to fluctuate sharply when the trader to chase a single, that foreign exchange prices in the The traders entry process will change and generally a better way is to hang a single, even if the price of foreign exchange in the traders single transaction process changes, the single is still in accordance with the initial price of the single transaction, a simple phrase is: the traders single as long as it has been traded on the benefits desirable for example, traders in the 1.1989 time to do a single, in the single transaction process of 1 second The price suddenly jumped to 1.1991, then your single is still traded in 1.1989 so traders in the pursuit of single when the mind must be responsive, feel that there is a suitable price immediately do single, and quickly operate 2. set a take profit due to do single chase, usually foreign exchange market fluctuations are relatively fast, so traders set a take profit price is very necessary, so you can in the price to the We set the price when the single automatically complete the transaction so that you can earn the money earned, but also to stop the trader because of greed and may lead to irrational practices There are many people is in the pursuit of a single success to obtain the intended return, but still unwilling to do to close the operation, and finally the market fluctuations back, resulting in the hands of the proceeds to the waste so that the automatic closing of the stop gap can often be preserved to get the earnings In addition, because the price of foreign exchange in the violent fluctuations, the manual closing of positions may not be closed in the right price and when set a stop after the price once the flash, the single will be concluded because the single chase is in the market when the trend began, follow the direction of the trend to do a single, and in a short time that is to close the single out and single chase is in the foreign exchange price fluctuations made when the transaction, then there is If the operation is not appropriate, then it is easy to cause losses in a very short period of time Therefore, the single-chase operation is not suitable for novice foreign exchange traders For experienced veterans in the foreign exchange market, there are also the following recommendations 1.Analysis of the market trend with the single is based on the understanding and analysis of the fundamentals, if the beginning of the market trend is wrong, and then good technology is difficult to make up for so must be rational Objective analysis of the fundamentals, pay attention to the impact of the news, and in some large financial network to understand the international market trends, and then analyze the trading platform plate K-line trend, etc. 2. Do not be greedy chasing a single purpose is fast and simple profit but chasing a single transaction to do is a large oscillation of the market, so relatively speaking, the investment risk has also expanded but in the face of relatively expanded risk, investors in the trading process must also To pay attention to control their positions to avoid catastrophic losses, resulting in a blowout 3. pay attention to the trading mentality in doing chase single trading, must pay attention to the change of mentality if traders feel that this time the transaction and the previous expectations have a significant gap, it must be timely stop loss, because at this time the brain is easy to fluke thoughts as long as the foreign exchange price on the plate and the initial expectations do not match, must be out of the Problems so never hold any fluke mentality