• The story of the three brothers

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    Long, long ago, there was a basin on the other side of the mountain, forextradingaccountstype in the basin grew a dense forest, and in the forest lived all kinds of exotic animals Those people who were tired of the mocashback forexonous and hard farming life of sunrforex trading accountse and sunset found this place, so they put down their hoes, picked up bows and arrows, and ran to the forest to hunt. And if you are lucky enough to hit a rhinoceros, get the precious rhinoceros horn, you can live a life of luxury, fame and fortune, but the forest is not only cute and gentle birds, lambs, deer, and fierce and violent jackals, lions, rhinoceroses, so those who came to the basin with the dream of breaking into the forest hunters, nine out of ten fate, some are scarred, some missing There is a village outside the mountain, the village lived an old man, the old man has three sons, three sons are disabled but it is the three disabled sons, but became the three best hunters among all hunters the oldest is a cripple, the name is - - - - interval the second is a deaf, the name is - - - homeopathic the third is a blind, the name is --- shock they hit many, many hunting, so much that even the emperor envied, other hunters certainly want to know the three brothers hunting methods, so they have gone to ask for advice Zhang San found the boss, the boss smilingly gave Zhang San a rabbit, refused to say; Li Si found the second, the second smilingly gave Li Si a mountain chicken, also refused to say; Wang Ermazi found the third, the third gave Wang Ermazi a roe deer, still refused to say; Yes, you, too: the head can be broken blood can flow, not to say! All will be, what to do when the prey is gone? The crowd is at a loss, how can this be done, the three brothers such as revolutionary aspirants generally keep their mouths shut, how to do? Some good people said: to go to the old man to ask it although sitting in a room of folks, of course, the old man also refused to say that the three children are very filial, which can cut off the familys fortune? Zhang San has a young daughter, named Zhang Qiaoer, born good and lovely, the old mans three sons have not yet married, so the neighboring children very much to the old mans liking Zhang Qiaoer see parents anxious, came forward, said to the old man; grandfather, grandfather, my father lost an arm because of hunting, you do not hurt Qiaoer? You can tell us. The old man refused to say, and could not carry Qiaoers pampering, holding his face red, bowed his head for a long time without speaking ...... people see a turnaround, but also the atmosphere is afraid to come out, a time in addition to Qiaoer is still shaking the old mans hand, the house, although many people, it is silent after a tea of kung fu and a tea of kung fu Kung Fu ... and then after a tea of Kung Fu ... the old man finally raised his head, a long sigh, said: in fact, hunting is a craft, not an object, is to rely on practice out, the people have to ask what method, forextradingaccountsregister will say a word, whether you can understand the truth is your own business, their own understanding is their own, others to understand is always someone elses What did the old man say? The old man said: do not want to do the range of the oscillation is not a good homeopath! After saying that, the old man got up and left the people, into the house ... people one by one two monks --- puzzled, and the old man refused to spit half a word, helpless, can only be dispersed Zhang San back home, sleepless thinking, what the hell talk? Is not see the ghosts do not hang strings, not see rabbits do not scatter eagles? Li Si back home, can not eat food to think: a little meaningful, but what exactly is the meaning, I heard that soldiers who do not want to be generals is not a good soldier, this sentence is too odd, does not become a tailor who does not want to be a cook is not a good doctor? Eh, seems to be the name of the three brothers, could it be: do not want to be the boss of the third is not a good second? Wang Ermazi, both can not eat and sleep thought: there must be a reason for this, what? One day a flash of light, oh, three brothers are disabled, it must be: not crippled blind is not a good deaf! So, rushed to ask the old man, the old man just shook his head ... This put Wang Er pockmarked worried ah, tea and food, many days down, black and thin a lot, still waiting for hunting money to marry his wife that, but the unexpected harvest is, because of the black thin, pockmarked inconspicuous, people look handsome a lot of course, there are also Chen Liu and some other people, thought two days, thought laughing, also put down, the ground, the pockmarked, the pockmarked. The down to the ground, the meal to eat, the sleep to sleep ... a day passed another day passed ... another day passed ... no one accurately understand the words of the old man ...... Finally, the old man fell ill, the deathbed, called the The old man said; do not guess, in fact, I am talking about the three states of motion of the prey and hunting methods, simply put, is not to pay attention to the big bottom of the big top of the high throw low suction operation is not a good homeopathic operation then, the old man pulled the three sons of the hand, said; you hunting for many years, just give the folks a detailed description of it ... not waiting for the sons to speak, the old mans hand a drooping, straight After the funeral of the old man, the folks washed their hands, ate, made tea, sitting around the old mans courtyard, began to listen to the three brothers will be hunting methods ... The oldest district head down and ponder for a while, slowly opened his mouth: in fact, we are watching me grow up, know that I am not smart, just learning to hunt, like others Just like others to follow the prey to run back and forth, the prey did not hit much, but a lot of meat was cut once, I mistook a tiger for a bobcat, and lost a leg, we all know ... ... the courtyard is silent, only the horse lamp flashing bright and dim light after the injury, I thought I could no longer hunt, but I was not willing to which, so all day sitting on the mountain to see what I farm work can not Can not do, so dumbfounded sitting on the mountain watching the beasts run around, a look is a few years the boss interval then said that perhaps the sky is not to blame, look at a long time, actually let me see some of the door bosss eyes show the light of excitement, completely immersed in the past: I found that the beasts usual running although it is disorderly, but the basin and the forest limits him, so that they can only run in a specific this interval I thought, although I can no longer chase the beast, but I can guard the edge and wait for the prey to shoot them ah As it turns out, this method has enabled me to hit a lot of prey, in order to commemorate this discovery, I changed my name from the big column to the interval. At this point Zhang San spoke up: prey ran out of the zone what do you do? You certainly do not know how far the prey can finally rush out, otherwise it is a god is not a person and often the last impulse is the greatest, out of the zone I set is normal, and will be fatal, so I must be guarded boss said my precautions have three points, the first is careful judgment and selection, said the boss, the second is to use the arrow clusters carried in batches, the third is to pay special attention to changes in climate ... The boss bowed his head, and did not look at the crowd, as if talking to himself every year there will always be prey breaking through the zone, but this is not a sufficient reason for you to strike, generally speaking, need to meet the three conditions before I strike ... The courtyard is silent, we listened to a moment of fascination, usually only see the boss sitting as if wooden chicken on the edge of the forest, a do-nothing The appearance, did not expect that there is so much learning let me strike the three conditions are: first, the prey to a direction of movement has been a long time, position has clearly exceeded the normal range of activity; secondly, the occurrence of obvious and strong one-way movement process, can be presumed that the preys physical exhaustion; finally ... boss took a sip of tea is the prey began to appear to slow down, Stop or wander ... then such opportunities are not few? Zhang San suddenly interjected. For you guys is too little, for me, a person with mobility problems, (this article is from HuiYou.com) three or four times a year, it is also satisfied with the important thing is that I do not work as hard as you guys uncle, the animals rushed over, you are not afraid? This time, has been obediently snuggled in the mothers arms Qiaoer asked afraid boss raised his head, looking at the starry sky so I will use my arrow clusters in batches, generally speaking, I divided the arrow clusters into ten or eight, the first time only shot a how can so little? Zhang San asked puzzled because, I rarely right once, usually there will be a better opportunity later, I have to make up for the next shot to leave out the arrow clusters then you wait for a better opportunity to appear later and then shoot can not, because there are not many opportunities in the zone, I also have to guard against the risk of missing . So how many clusters do you normally shoot in total? I dont know who interjected that if I carried a hundred, I would control it at thirty. Because if Im wrong, Im likely to lose 20 arrows, which cant be counted. I have to leave 20 to protect myself, and 30 to protect myself in case something completely unexpected happens, so I cant have more than 30. Then what do you mean by climate change? Zhang San originally asked the boss unsuccessfully, got the opportunity, thirsty for knowledge, and could not help but ask oh, it is this, the boss pulled out a map from his clothes, which draws the general shape of the forest boss spread the map on the table, the crowd gathered around because of the climate continues to warm, so the range of animal activity will continue to move up, that is, the north, and sometimes especially Obviously this point must pay special attention to the annual determination of the zone with reference to the climate change up to relax some, down to narrow some This year, there is an excellent hunter called purple iron because of the lack of attention to this issue, suffered some injuries you carry a hundred arrow clusters, but basically less than fifty, is not it a waste of Li Si asked again not waste Boss smiled slightly, then solemnly said: the prey is not to fight, life Only one, I must guard against once again the tiger as a bobcat situation The crowd was silent for a while, only the autumn insects outside the courtyard wall in the bitter long song Well, my method is these Boss finished, picked up the tea, lowered his head slowly drinkers, no more words Bosss words a stop, the quiet courtyard, has been immersed in the bosss speech of the villagers just like a dream, began to whisper, most of them expressed great The majority of the people expressed their great appreciation and shock Yes, we are all healthy people with arms and legs, hunting, but can not compete with a disabled person with only one leg! Originally, the people were a little jealous of the bosss achievements, always thought it was luck, but now they understand: the person who succeeds must have a superiority, the boss, despite the inconvenience, is good at using his strengths to avoid weaknesses, the boss is not hunting with a bow and arrow, but in the mind, in the patience, in the time hunting ah ... There is one exception, that is, Li Si, because Li Si is not very interested in the bosss method. Not very interested, he impatiently want to know is the second homeopathic method Li Si and most people, the beginning of the acceptance of the method should run after the prey, but also the same as most people, is always bitten more time, catch the prey less time, so very anxious to know where the problem is not to let the second brother tell a story? Li Si stood up initiative Road two homeopathy is a deaf, can not hear, there will be dumb folks gesture to the second (the same below) the second face reddened, said my method in fact, everyone is using, I do not quite understand why to your place is not good, the two days busy, no time to think, or ....... do not allow me a day, think about it? The boss stood up: folks, quite late, busy day we are also tired, so, today is here, we go back to rest, tomorrow to rendezvous here, also give the second point of time everyone expressed understanding, stepping on the bright moonlight, each went back to rest ... the night without saying the next day, the folks a variety of early dinner, in groups came to the old mans yard If you look carefully, you will find a lot of unfamiliar faces, that is to hear the news of the eight villages of the hunters when it was dark, a large courtyard has been crowded like a market lively people exchanged pleasantries, talking, most of them are very excited, looking forward to the old man to reveal the secret of tracking hunting ... the original time came, the oldest interval and the third shock have been sitting in their seats, the days protagonist of the second Shunsei but never see the scene a tea time passed a tea time passed ... people gradually some lost patience, commotion, what happened? Is the second sick ... or is ... or ... simply do not want to come ...? In everyone waiting anxiously thinking, the middle of the crowd suddenly flashed a road noisy crowd suddenly quiet down, eyes flashed towards the door ... Although the horse lamp light is dim and flickering, people still saw Lao Ers face in the foyer outside the dark wilderness of the background of thin and haggard, left near the people, but also saw his eyes covered with blood walking towards the seat, careful people will find that he has some limp, clothes are also stained with dust ... after sitting, the second did not meet the older brother, the second brother concerned eyes, but with a steely gaze around the crowd of ravens ... early a proficient mute, loud voice of the hunter over, acting as an assistant to the townspeople said due to the second today to tell you the method of tracking hunting, I am very stressed, from yesterday to now has not been a good rest, come, because the trance, fell, let everyone wait a long time ... I want to explain to you the method of tracking prey, this method is familiar to everyones method, has been passed down for many years, we began to accept this concept is like a cook cooking, abalone rice, birds nest porridge is good to do, and shredded fish, spicy tofu is not good to do, because these two dishes are often eaten by everyone, a taste will know good or bad so I am very brainy, if only to summarize the words from the book, Im afraid it is a waste of time, can not give you any help ... After a night of thinking, I figured out that I can only find my After a night of thinking, I realized that the only way I can inspire you is to find out where my approach differs from yours. So I am going to use a critical approach, through questions, comparisons and other means to explain Since this is a critique, words are inevitably abrupt, please forgive me if I offend you My first question is: Is stalking hunting a long-term or short-term method? The small courtyard is silent, because, everyone is to listen to the lecture, completely unprepared to answer the question, and almost no one has seriously thought about this issue ... Lao Er is also silent, waiting for peoples answers, people slowed down, began to mingle and discuss after a meal, peoples discussion gradually calmed down, everyone elected Li Si to express their views most of us people think ... Li Si may not have a bottom in mind, perhaps not quite used to speaking in front of the crowd, so it seems some hesitation, swallowed a mouthful of saliva: most of us think it should be considered a long hunt, not that the prey does not turn around and keep following it ... After a pause, Li Si swallowed again: In addition, we all think it should improvise, the length is not very important question Lao Er asked: everyone is this opinion? The crowd has nodded in agreement ... Two scratched his head: these two views I am different from everyone I think the cycle is the most basic issue, different cycles to use different observation tools and corresponding hunting methods, if the cycle is uncertain, then it is bound to cause confusion in the observation methods and hunting methods. Which is more important? Most people will definitely answer the quantitative energy is important, which is right in the case of tracking hunters; however, to my brother is wrong, in the interval hunters observation method, the location of the prey is more important ... people have to check if your method is confusing, may be in the tiger with a fishing rod ... At this time, Li Si muttered in a low voice: seems too difficult to understand ... Li Si replied: to put it simply, the homeopathic method is a short line of play, the short time is one or two days, long but ten days and eight days - the potential in the people in, the potential scattered people scattered like to hold a long words, we have to use the interval hunting method; otherwise it is the south and the north, the edge of the wood and seek fish ...how? The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. The problem is that Lee Baboon is an interval trader, but it is a homeopathic intervention, homeopathic complementary shot, if you do not understand, it is recommended to reread the handwritten novel "Memoirs of a Jungle Hunter", look at his several classic trading ... According to your meaning, homeopathic hunters are not afraid to follow the lost prey, right? Zhang San asked no. The prey generally run a rest period, such as running three sections, the interval hunter will bite not to let go, and strive to eat all three sections, homeopathic trading only eat a section --- see understand this section of the prey wandering, homeopaths will come out, because homeopathic hunting is concerned about the smooth --- chasing the ass to fight, the momentum has been scattered, but also stand still there, is not to enter the tigers mouth? If the use of homeopathic hunting, but bent on getting the interval hunters harvest, (this article from www.waihuibang.com) is often said ---- greed, greed is often the cat bites the urine bubble - an empty ... This time, has not spoken Wang Ermazi stood up: two brothers, I always can not control their hands how to do? Once in the forest, I saw what all want to hit, is to see the sparrow are trying to put an arrow, what did not hit, dry food is a lot of money Oh Lao Er laughed at the common problem of hunters, I call your situation: --------------------------------- old donkey pulling the mill, silly circle, in place, food loss dry crowd heard the laughter ... to solve this problem is the core of homeopathy - find the potential Generally speaking, animals have only two states of movement - skulking and running prey skulking how to hunt is the means of Sandi, homeopaths avoid skulking prey there blind skulking it atmosphere gradually warmed up up, the seconds also gradually into the posture you jumped out, but also around the prey, consumed energy, cost feelings, brain faint bucket big, wait until the prey started, you do not have the courage, but also no energy to chase ... bad, but also you bring a big heel, fall a nose ... everyone and a burst of laughter here listen well everyone laughter gradually dissipated After going, the second rightly said I see only two kinds of potential can be chased, one called outbreak; one called hostage ... see to the key, the people are also serious up, listening ... outbreak is some kind of animal long-term leisurely sneak after the accumulation of sufficient physical energy pause, the second slowly explain up and a lot of sensitive hunters also noticed the problem, once started, full of impetus, observe its characteristics are: prey defiantly flee, no counterattack ability; hunters in large numbers, no sense of risk at all; only to see that the smoke and dust, killing sound shocking, the amount of energy is abundant, the momentum continues to grow ... This is an outbreak, can be Shun. The hostage is a situation that affects the behavior of animals, such as a sudden change in climate, volcanic eruption, or a strange movement of animals in the country of Rakshasa, when all the animals are in a state of panic and desperately run in a certain direction. obey. Remember the old two finished talking about the two kinds of potential can be obedient, positive instructions: homeopathic hunting is the most demanding method of human judgment, it can be said that its success or failure depends entirely on the break potential ' I believe that the so-called homeopathic hunting method success rate of less than 50% is completely nonsense; homeopathic hunting can be said to be not the hunter, is the two kinds of potential seekers, did not find what we want. Continue to observe and wait, do not easily try Lao Er finished, picked up the water, took a sip, and said thoughtfully: we are here to hunt, not to pull the mill ... Li Si is the homeopathic hunting method of chasing the faithful followers, once they see a gap, and hurriedly stood up to ask how the arrow clusters are distributed it does not need to be distributed, I generally quantitative forty Lao Er answer a shot? Yes, homeopathic in the broken potential not In the arrow cluster management, I send you four words - quantitative trading, no distribution, a hit, the whole body and retreat Lao Er swept away just now the seriousness of the gas, cheerfully laughing: No ah, uncle is a deaf, only then can not protect you ah oh Qiaoer face disappointed to sit down but, a little later dispersed, you come to find uncle, uncle to introduce you A person Qiaoer listened, and then burst into a smile. At this time, the crowd stood up a pagoda-like man, we fixed our eyes, it turned out to be Zhang Butcher, this butcher to kill pigs for a living, born with a large waist, full of beard, very rude Zhang Butcher has long been tired of the butchers life, only want to go to the mountains to hunt, but the only mother at home to see the hunters rarely end up, can not let this son, all prevented today to catch a field, looking for a safe method Zhang The butcher thought to himself; if this disabled person can hunt, how can I not fight with a strong waist? But the heart is not sure, so stand up and ask a question in a jar: two brothers, I ask a question, you have bad ears, does not affect the hunting. How will it affect? The second smilingly said on the contrary, it is because my ears deaf, so I have hunted a lot of prey You see many hunters in the teahouse like to get together to debate the hunting situation, and sometimes compete to the point of red, the debate won the debate is sure, the debate lost the secret fight, in short, win or lose will fall into paranoia eyes is enough, I want to thank God that I am a deaf people in the audience face At this time, the boss to see the time is not early, stood up: folks, I see that the second brother also said almost, originally wanted to let the third brother together to say, it seems not, today is here, what questions, you can ask again in private, disperse it, tomorrow also this time to gather here The crowd is listening with great interest, heard this, look at the sky The people were listening to this, heard this, and looked at the sky, really not early, so they stood up in confusion, each dispersed ... Of course, Qiaoer will not forget that Lao Er to find him someone to take her hunting, she pulled her parents, jumping to the side of Lao Er, Lao Er touched Qiaoers head, said to her parents: 30 miles out of the village there is an Erlang Temple, from Erlang Temple left turn five miles there is a Sanniang Bridge, from Sanniang Bridge right turn eight miles there is a The village is called Four Trees, from Four Trees in the right turn a mile is the famous and home village east of the village there is a neat courtyard, the courtyard three into three open, the owner surnamed boring ... what surname? Bored? How can there be such a surname? Zhang San amazed ... there are two very sure that this persons name is bored blind, is the village and the first master of homeopathic hunting, deep in the subtleties of homeopathic look at the usual chicken and dog, playing birds and kicking a ball, no master style, but when the opportunity comes, moving like a rabbit, the whole body and hit, a hit, I also look beyond ... this person is kind-hearted, you go find him The night, the hunters are very excited, have listened to the two, the hunting method in the heart is some spectrum, think this seems to be a difficult and dangerous business is just this, one harboring a hunting to make a fortune, and The day was very sunny, and at dusk there were a few clouds, and the last rays of the sun were reflected beautifully, and the walls of the old mans house were glorious in the sunset. from all directions to come ... because yesterdays people were particularly large, so today the boss specially arranged for people to add a few stools at the wall, who knew that before the opening, only to find that the people who came did not imagine so many original, some distant hunters feel that the method has been enough or not interested in a blind mans method, did not come again ... the old three shock Today has long changed to a hunters short dress, but dressed in a green shirt, looks quite a bit of elegance, like a country gentleman who teaches the word that the old man was born blind, but is a blind, a look and ordinary people are no different, look carefully to find his eyes cloudy and godless at this time the old man sitting expressionlessly in the middle, eyes vacantly looking ahead, a thoughtful look, ignoring the people around him ... a hot tea Gu Gu in front of him faintly smoky ... the hour has arrived, the crowd seated, the boss first stood up, voice loud: folks, today is the last talk, by my third brother to speak today not many people came, for this I deeply regret, because in my view, I and The second brothers skills are really not as good as the third brother, the third brothers skills are the most powerful ... ... people are amazed, cross-eyed, talking from more than ten years of hunting, I and the second brother hunt countless beasts, but also injured countless, only my third brother, into the wolfs nest without being devoured by wolves, breaking into the tigers den without being injured by the tiger, even I also admire the following will ask the third brother to tell his method ...the third brother stood up and bowed to everyone, the courtyard was applauded...everyone knows I am a blind man, the second brother sat down and began to speak originally I was not qualified to become a hunter, even, I was not even qualified to become a farmer, because if I went to the ground, I would even shovel the seedlings together with the grass how I became a hunter, you may be interested I was born blind, you may think I will be very painful, in fact, not so, because I have never seen the light, so do not feel less what those halfway blind than I suffer, the world is always like this - loss than never It wasnt until I was six years old, when my friends went to school one after another, that I felt deeply different from others, no one to play with me, I fell into loneliness, and then I was cranky, and then I destroyed things ... My father never scolded me, even when I deliberately broke the familys ancestral vase, he just silently swept up the pieces, and then The courtyard was silent, the people were immersed in the experience of the old three ... a person who can not see the light, he received a lot less information than normal people, but his thoughts on the known things will be more profound than normal people so after two years, one day at dinner time, heard the sound of the second uncles footsteps, I said I said, Second Uncle is here, everyone looked at each other, did not believe the results of everyone guessed, not a short time, second uncle pushed the door and everyone asked me how to know, I said I heard footsteps, everyone praised me, said I have good ears this thing caused me to think, and completely changed me, yes, although I can not see, but my other The next morning, I touched my fathers bed and said to him: I want to go to school... My father just woke up and heard this, thinking he was still dreaming, and according to him later, at that time Then I heard the sound of his panicked dressing, his panicked getting out of bed, and his panicked kicking over the night pot...Then he hurriedly put on his shoes, patted my head, and ran out in a flash...The gentleman was also very surprised, but he saw I went to school, and this was the beginning of my becoming a good hunter, because this event built my confidence and made me dare to think and do what normal people can do...The gentleman put me in the last row, and although I couldnt read or write, I could listen ...in the school my eyes were a little wider, my character was more cheerful day by day, my mind was a little more mature, and more importantly, there were many little friends and I played games, so I was no longer lonely It was one of these games that laid the theoretical foundation of my hunting method...this game was simple, it was a game that today in retrospect should be considered gambling The game we brought my fathers Go, of course not to play ----- I can not see, so there is no way to play Go we are to take my fathers Go pieces as chips, two people share, and then take a copper coin as dice --- copper coin of course I touch anyway if the copper plate up, I win; if the copper plate down, the other side to win the number of bets unlimited This is one of the few games I could play back then, and used to enjoy it ...the result is of course predictable, under normal circumstances must be a loss and a win, good luck to win a little, bad luck to lose a little and long-term tend not to lose or win because I can play the game is very little, so after the game other children to do other things, and I will lie in bed for a long time to think there is no way to win one day, my One day, my mind opened up and I was surprised: I had found a way! I never lost a game with the kids... The courtyard was silent, some people even opened their mouths wide and forgot about me... All I could hear was the snap of the fire of the horse lamp and the rustle of the wind sweeping through the branches of the willow trees outside the courtyard wall... The way I beat the game was this There are only two things in this game: the board and the pieces. Since I cant control the board anyway, I can only think of ways from the pieces, that is, the betting method. If I lose again, then the third time I will press four pieces, and so on... Please reason the results, this is the basic theoretical basis of my blind hunting method... After these words, Lao San picked up the tea and began to drink tea and listen to the crowds reaction... Zhang San said, once the arrow clusters run out, is it not dangerous? Li Si said: this method does not work ah, the face of the beast, human weaknesses make people can not be calm ah Lao San did not move, after everyones questioning calmed down, calmly said a workable. Say a word from the heart Lao San lowered his head, a painful look: this is my years of hard work, tell everyone really heartache ... good Lao San pondered for a while while and then opened the mouth in gambling positive and negative gambling is in the theory chips to infinite more but we can find ways to defuse ... really heartache, that is ------ plus live code bet black and white Generally speaking continuous double plus dead yards will appear death chart, so people are strongly denied to add yards, completely ignoring the special nature of the speculative market, gambling black and white because the bet that dead bet is unable to add live yards, the speculative market can, that is, when the added code has a profit, first cash out, keep the number of chips in the safety line, and do not use more than two times the code, you can use the Fay sequence, namely 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8 8 ... its characteristics are the latter number is the sum of the previous number ... can be used independently in the oscillatory potential, can also be used to plunge and touch the top, as an aid to interval trading ... the rest of their own combination it ... thats all