• The story of my son and I speculating in foreign exchange

    read:2023/2/26 10:49:02

    When forex trading accounts first started contacting foreign exchange, my cashback forex was almost two years old when he spent all day in front of the computer staring, my son was curious and asked: What forextradingaccountstype Dad doing? I said, in earning money afraid to say that speculation in foreign exchange he did forextradingaccountsregister understand, asking endlessly son yelled also want to play the game of earning money, I will give him to register a 100,000 demo account, teach him to buy and sell so, as long as I am in front of the computer, he also played on their own computer is not happy, of course, in addition to foreign exchange more is to play the game later one day, their own account lost almost, quite bored to open my sons account to see a shock I was surprised, but the profit Im not sure if Im going to be able to get a good deal on this. Where did it go wrong? Is it true that the son is great, the old son can not? So, I suspended their own live trading, ready to learn from my son through the observation I found that my son trading has several characteristics: 1, trading rarely, basically a single to play other, a few days may not care; 2, only in the day chart trading, because he was not taught to change the cycle; 3, only trading a direction, only short selling; 4, close the position is very arbitrary, as long as the profit does not care how much; 5, no stop loss, also Because it will not set; 5, only trading a variety of pounds, other charts will not be adjusted; 6, the account capital is large enough, registered 100,000, plus a fixed number of lots forex state  www.waihuibang.com  >   forex life   www.waihuibang.com/fxschool/fxstory/, this discovery scared me not lightly, look back at their own trading means, that is simply and son against ah!!! I do not lose money who lose money? I dont lose money who lose money! Trading frequently, the cycle is random, more is not empty and vice versa continue, sometimes for the difference of a point profit into a loss, often be stop-loss, what currency are engaged, a did not understand, trading lots and account funds out of proportion, earn a few days a single back to the old society can no longer and son against the dry, I decided to change, from that start? I have no choice but to ask my son for advice without shame; problem again, my son does not take care of me what to do? Alas, this we have a way, bribery bribery with good food, oh this day, my son is playing with the computer about children playing with the computer this thing I think too many parents and my wife think the same, children are too young do not understand it, ruin the eyes, etc., anyway, is not agree to touch the computer, but I have always insisted that children must be exposed to new things from an early age, everything has a degree, as long as reasonable control of the time can be, who does not know from scratch to understand? Watching television does not hurt the eyes? And now they want to learn not to learn, have to wait for school to spend money to enroll in classes to learn ah, in my constant brainwashing, finally agreed to play, but the provisions of watching TV, playing computer up to thirty minutes a day, this must be strictly enforced, so now my sons vision 5.4 That said, my son is playing computer, I have to hurry to ask for advice on how to speculate in foreign exchange ah! I asked my son: How about we play games together? I asked my son, "Lets play the game together, okay?", but you must listen to my command, my son was very happy and agreed to my son said, "Lets play Bomberman! At that time he will only play a small game like this network, although I really will not play but in order to learn something, can only endure the left to the right up to put the bomb ah you stupid dead not two minutes I was blown up, the son to see my level is too substandard not for a while also not interested in the opportunity I discussed with my son, how about we play the money game how? This I will say so, in fact, my heart that sweat ah, will be able to accompany the money? I dare to say with my face, this is also in front of my son, outsiders really can not afford to lose this person ah son can not think so much, said play immediately began to open the platform, I asked my son: guess, it is up it or down? My son did not even think about blurting out: down! I wondered, why ah? I support the green ah, my son said and then look at the chart is in the daily chart of the down cycle, several consecutive are green column I figured out that he was looking at the K-line color judgment of the Chinese habit of rising red, down green, I did not get off the common and my son grew up loving green, whether it is food, clothing, including toys green mostly I support the green, I support the green, my son seems to have won the game called up. Dad, is not to guess on ah? Ah I guess it on I can only guess on, on the one hand really will not see is on the next, on the other hand can not guess with the son the same it son said: Well, we will see who wins tomorrow, I want to win you must buy me a pack of small soldier man, can you? Okay, I thought to myself that the little soldier is small, the money is big, lets see the result tomorrow! The result is that my son won, the pound really did not less under the small soldiers must buy, although a packet of only 50 cents to keep their promises is the fundamental of being a person, we must set an example to our son from childhood, the commitment is not in the size, the words will be done I lost is lost, but still lost for no reason ah? Why will fall? The next green column must be a green column? When does it not fall? The more you think about it, the more confused you are, try to follow your sons train of thought, shit, he has a train of thought? The air is good, the environment is good, the mood will be cheerful some not much north of my home there is an unknown mountain, the mountain is full of trees, from the bottom to the top of the mountain has been paved with steps, this will naturally become a lot of people often patronize the place according to the observation, to climb the mountain is only three types of people, one is the old man and woman, a bunch of three or five to find a slightly flat place to play family life and exercise; a pair of The students, college high school and junior high school have, all the way hand in hand shoulder to shoulder, sticky look very happy look now the young people ah think we then off-topic; and then there is like me, with children to play with children to have two benefits, both exercise the body to refine the will, but also to enjoy the beautiful scenery, I guess like me such ideas in the minority, so children also a bunch of piles of said is Hill general people from the bottom of the mountain to the highest place also need more than an hour of time, because we are close to my son and I often come, so climb to the top basically have 40 minutes is enough to the top of the mountain there is a pavilion, can be a bird view of the city pavilion a lot of children, children are naturally familiar, not long son has been when the commander of todays scenery at all mind, full of foreign exchange, no, also have to ask the son Son, come here dad to chat with you! I do not, do not see me in the war ah! Although people are older but can climb to the top of the mountain, it proves that they are in good health, so it is good to learn the way of health. Although my son is very reluctant, but I said, are playing for half an hour, perhaps has been accustomed to watch TV for half an hour, play TV for half an hour, in his brain has become a thinking stereotype, a half hour he seems to know not to go also have to go so that the rules can develop habits, but also the childs mind confined, alas, not the best of both worlds ah! On the way back, I asked: son, you tell Dad, earn money in the game, how do you know it is going down? This is not simple, to the top it is going down ah, just now we are on the top of the mountain, now not in the downhill? The son asked rhetorically to the eh? The K-line chart is very similar to a mountain, it has a lot of ups and downs. I continue to ask Dad, you are too stupid, all the way up and up again not from the top of the computer to run out ah! It can break the top of our computer? It cant, it cant break the top, then it means it cant go up, it will go down! Oh my God! My son is simply a foreign exchange prodigy ah, just he does not know it Who is this child, how this smart? Ha ha I am happy to return home, I think I can not underestimate my son, this idea this concept this metaphor, simply too creative, I admit I have not reached the height of the son what made the genius son? I do not know to say that my son is like most children, nothing special, love to cry, love to make noise, love to talk, love to laugh, love to watch TV, love to play computer, eat snacks, eat improperly and so on all his age children have the fault he has where is different? I finally found some hints, my son is very poor, talking early, there is a TV series called "poor mouth Zhang Damin", he has to add a more than Zhang Damin, that little mouth, as long as awake Bada Bada all day long, and say a set of words, dragging a lot of words I can not think of not every day said to raise childrens strengths? Did not find any special strengths ah, poor also count? Whatever, lets pretend it is a specialty! I have to go to the language aspect to cultivate so, bought Ma Sanli, Liu Baorui and other famous comedians CD put in the car, as long as he is in the car open let him listen, did not expect that as soon as he listened to comedy he can quiet down, I was surprised! This is a traditional paragraph, this age can listen to such a commitment, is a little evil, I change Guo Degang try, the results are not the previous effect of this discovery, although also very valuable, but can speak at best is a repertoire of commentators or lecturers material, the transaction is not at all useful ah? No, still have to discover, what else is different? By the way, my son is particularly fond of two things, one is a car and the other is a gun (I think boys are like this), so what could be the mystery here? Because children like so home all kinds of cars, guns have, I feel that open a smaller store completely do not have to stock son often play the game is the formation, sometimes also called on me to play together on the coffee table, sofa small soldiers, a variety of vehicles, program weapons are full of, this a bunch of that bunch, each team is also a clear division of labor, such as infantry squad, engineering squad, reconnaissance detachment, artillery positions The team was completely rehearsing a big battle, they acted as the commander-in-chief of course, the final result is always the bad guys were defeated, the good guys never die a few times I when the bad guys knocked his people down, and I do not relent, in his heart the good guys are never defeated alas this is all the credit of Chinese television, movies, comrades are undefeated, the revolution is triumphant, you say What can we do when this child grows up? What good things can he catch? Thinking about his future, I am really worried about the good thing is that my son has a genius trading ideas, really can not speak with a three-inch tongue to speak about the sink evaluation, so to mix a living should not be a big problem, thinking about this I am optimistic again genius must have genius origin, in the end his ideas from where? Is it related to his playing small soldiers fighting? It does not seem to match the dry ah? But whenever I close my eyes, I feel like I can see a mountain, sometimes rising and sometimes falling ups and downs, continuous, there are mysteries inside the mountain ah! Who says my son has no ideas? He is much clearer than I am! My son came home from school and asked me mysteriously: Dad, there is a good thing and a bad thing, which one do you want to hear first? Eh? The good thing is that I became the leader of the milk distribution team (the breakfast milk teacher was lazy and let the kids distribute it to everyone), so Im happy, right? Thats good. Its a great honor to serve the children. What about the bad thing? The bad thing is that the teacher has put me and Dazhuang together again, I dont like him, said the son also pouted quite aggrieved look I have to ask about this, can not affect the sons interest in school Why do you not like Dazhuang? The big strong always talk, and also push Li Xuan to come is it? Its not good to talk in class. Who is Li Xuan? Li Xuan is my best friend, and she said she wants to marry me! What? Whats going on here? How old is she? Cant be? I asked my son, why did they marry you? Because we are good friends, and she gives me good food every day. Are you rich? Do you have a regular job? I continued to ask my son, according to my understanding of marriage represents responsibility, not a childs play son replied to, I have money, a lot of New Years Eve money are mom keep it! Well, you are rich, but what about work? I asked the work? A job? My son thought for half a day and said, I am in charge of the class to erase the blackboard haha well, you have a good job happy is happy, and I fell into a deep thought, the child is really very simple, I think too complicated to think again, I do foreign exchange skills than my son, why? Its not that my son is simple-minded, I think too much? To consider the trend, to consider the pattern, to consider the resistance support, to consider the stop loss and profit, to consider the indicator obtuse and so on and so forth son to consider what? He does not consider anything, only look at the K line color, so he succeeded, this is the fact that at this moment, I seem to have opened a window in the heart, from now on, from the beginning of the neat chart, the chart in addition to the K line all the things removed, which is relatively simple next to clean up the heart of the garbage, this seems a little difficult, this is what I am more worried about the bare K line I looked at a long A period of time, really did not see what the name to, very depressed no choice but to ask the son son over, Dad asked you something what the matter ah? What a nuisance! The son is quite impatient how about you give dad as a teacher? I can only use the mind son is an official fan, all day long said I became what what what long, often count, English group leader, deputy music group leader, hair milk group leader, wipe the blackboard group leader most out of seven or eight, the beauty is simply, this time I let you become a teacher, must be more beautiful results really very happy to run over dad sit down, today we learn something miles? Well, he is the teacher must listen to him, how can we do this? Well, start with the game slowly guide him you teach me to play the game, I said yes, yes! This son is very interested I teach you Plants vs. Well, no, I can teach you World War II heroes! No, I dont like you, you, whats wrong with you? Listen to your teacher? What? Dont talk back to the teacher, just learn how to fight, and you dont know how to do it, huh? Oh my God, is this how their teachers usually teach them? Or is that my tone? It seems that our education is a bit simple and rude, must change! After playing with my son for a while, but I was still thinking that it was almost time for my forex, I asked, "Teacher, how about you teach me to play the money game? This time I do not necessarily lose oh! A listen to this, aroused the sons desire to win, teach on teach, I must win you did not expect this trick works quite stare at the K-line chart, I said, teacher I guess it to go down right? This time the K line has been up again, I feel that almost up should be a retracement, so I said how you that stupid? This is obviously going up? Hey say you what good, the results of my son directly to me no but, he on so much on the not tired? He must not rest for a while ah? I remembered the experience of climbing with my son did not think, my son two words to say I was speechless tired to rest and continue to go up ah! When you are tired, you should go down the mountain? Yes, it is obvious why I do not understand it? How can I guess that it is going down when I see it clearly rising with my eyes? This is like climbing a mountain, resting for a while and continuing to climb, who said that when you are tired, just go down? This is only the will not firm people will do it I am the will not firm to change, must change! In the blink of an eye, my son went to elementary school, for the network mini-games have been disdained, and began to play CS, Warcraft and I can not name the game is also because my son is no longer childish, so now even he can not read, this is the biggest sadness of speculators of course, I also through continuous fumbling, finally from the gold, burst, then gold, then burst the cycle of free, finally embarked on a stable profitable stage can be said that I can get rid of the magic spell of foreign exchange will explode, thanks in large part to my sons ideas, even if he did not understand until now taught me what I summarized, my trading method is as follows, may not apply to others, so do not want to explain too much about it, suitable for their own is the best hope to give you some reference, think useless can not bother with this, directly passing On the 1, according to the total amount of money to measure the appropriate total position ratio, and then determine the amount of each single transaction 2, the trading cycle at least refer to the daily chart or above cycle, and then in the hourly chart cycle operation 3, do not overly entangled in the entry point to how accurate, because you are not a prophet, but will therefore lose too many opportunities 4, in batches, do not start to bet your life to a transaction 5, each single stop loss is a failure The biggest root cause of failure, with a large cycle and the total position than the stop loss is the king 6, profit taking should be carried out in sections, because you do not know how far the market can run, or when it will reverse Although my son and I speculate in the story of the end of the foreign exchange, but the foreign exchange life has just begun life ah, is nothing to laugh at others, but also from time to time let others laugh, wish you all happy!