• The speculation of foreign exchange are you a teacher or a craftsman

    read:2023/2/26 10:34:26

    stock market, you forextradingaccountsregister give you a trap, you can set a trap, you can artificial chart patterns, the currency market forex trading accounts different, although in a sense there are also "bankers", but they can create public opinion, create momentum, but definitely cashback forex create charts, the daily volume of six trillion dollars, so who to manipulate forextradingaccountstype control the exchange rate is impossible Japan is rich enough, right? The market, a large amount of silver to smash, how the results? The yen should rise or rise, only the speed and magnitude of the change is the way to profit there are many, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, Gann theory, wave theory, etc., do not have to argue who is right and who is wrong, to make money is the hard truth fight planes can use artillery with missiles, Iraqi farmers also use rifles world no best way to make money, only the most suitable for their own trouble is that many people do not know what is suitable for them To understand what is suitable for their own methods, the first thing to do is to give yourself a good position, you want to be a craftsman or want to be a master craftsman, the focus is on technology, the great achievement of technology, can be called a craftsman, such as stonemasons, masons, blacksmiths Master, the focus is on art, the true meaning of affairs, can be called a master, such as master sculptor, master architects, master ironmongers Master than a craftsman, is a superb technology on top of the integration of their own feelings Most of us, it is not easy to reach the level of artisan, the craftsmanship of the artisan is enough to support the family. The person who becomes a master can turn the simple into the responsible, and then, from the complex can refine the simple terracotta warriors is complex enough, but he is shaped by the artisan, we can marvel at the majestic momentum of the whole terracotta pit, but will not make the people who shaped these terracotta warriors into masters of art, they were not indeed We can start from the artisan, keep trying and honing, accumulate experience and improve our skills, and we can also ask for the true meaning from the master, so as to take less detours. There are no masters in the foreign exchange market, but there are many There are many people who have gained the way, they have their own methods, many people who have suffered numerous setbacks and failures are also constantly summarizing, giving us many things outside of technology, such as "follow the trend" "strict discipline" "the market is always right These short maxims, piled up with countless money, do not allow us not to respect and believe in "follow the trend", is the truth I learned after a lot of blows, once, I like to predict the top and bottom of the price and inflection point from various indicators and patterns, but the facts told me that I do not have this ability, indicators have blunt time, there are repeated times, there are defects in itself, according to these things to find the top and bottom, is futile from the logic will, the lowest point arrived, you will not know that this is the lowest point, only when there is a higher price than this point, you will understand: "so that is the lowest point ", the price in front of you will never be the lowest point can predict the lowest point? Of course you can, but the forecast is only a forecast, must be verified, in the verification of the time, then fall back into the above logic occasionally masked on the top and bottom of many people, the second guess on the top and bottom, that is not human, is God, God you have seen? I have not. So, give up the idea of trading at the inflection point, it is a small probability event, not worth to pursue