• The highest level of playing forex is 。。。。。。。 Loneliness

    read:2023/2/26 7:10:14

    The foreign exchange cashback forex forex trading accounts a market that allows many people to pin their dreams forextradingaccountstype hopes on, and is also a place where most people forextradingaccountsregister disillusioned with their liver but in this market, victory always belongs to the few! The heroes, always lonely walkers play foreign exchange is the highest level of loneliness, this is a master said to me words This is because, people like to echo the opinions of others, rather than forming their own views especially when the "others" is an authority, experts when we are more likely to be convinced by a credible source, rather than We prefer to give up part of our own personality and try to imitate those we consider to be successful investors, in an age of advanced information, are more likely to be misled by all kinds of information and once this information reaches a consensus among all investors, the result is often a disastrous frenzy. Understanding and maverick, and thus gradually lonely Investors have two kinds of investment psychology: one is self-deception retail investors are many times in self-deception, failure, to find excuses for their mistakes; make money, think it is their own high level is ah, when losing money, always find a scapegoat for themselves, the heart will feel better a kind of being deceived, by the dealer deception, by listed companies, and even by the middle of the night up unable to The first kind of people are the most pathetic I often hear a lot of people lose money complaining about the sky and earth, sometimes saying that it is to the United States and the European Central Bank to play dead, sometimes saying that MQL5 is useless, change another FXCM better, and later said to change FapTurbo In fact, the foreign exchange EA is only an important supplement, not a panacea, the most important or their own mindset visible, retail investors are Perhaps, retail investors should participate in the market through an indirect way, the funds to professionals to take care of, rather than directly into the market, after all, institutions in the capital, information, manpower and other aspects of the advantage, retail investors can not compete with it, but the fatal conceit and overconfidence, so that many investors believe that they can beat the market group is crazy, is terrible, many times is irrational when all people are blindly optimistic about the prospects of the stock market, the head of the stock market appeared; when all people are pessimistic about the stock market, the bottom appeared investors are always hovering between greed and fear and Warren Buffetts voice is deafening: when others are greedy, you have to fear; when others are afraid, you have to be greedy real investment masters, are heroes, and heroes are always alone walker, is not understood by the masses when all the people for cheer, Warren Buffetts birkshirehathway was ridiculed as birkshirehalfway, his heart must be lonely, but he is firm hope that I can also do this birkshirehalfway Remarks: (birkshirehathway) Burke Berkshire Hathaway 40 years ago, a textile factory on the verge of bankruptcy, under the careful operation of Warren Buffett, the companys net assets grew from $22.887 million in 1964 to $162 billion at the end of 2001; the stock price rose from $7 per share once to nearly $150,000 Berkshire Hathaway is the worlds most expensive company in terms of stock price, as of May 2, 2013 As of May 2, 2013, the companys share price exceeded $160,000 and its market capitalization reached approximately $266 billion with only 1.66 million shares by kmwong