• The highest level of foreign exchange trading look at the plate in the heart of the plate do not look at the plate in the heart of the plate

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    "speculation forextradingaccountstype foreign exchange, eyes do not go with the forex trading accounts", which in the eyes of many people forextradingaccountsregister certainly nonsense Yes, if so, how can investors go to invest? The price is the most important thing in the field of all investments so that the eyes must follow the price can not? If this is true, investors often lose more than they gain, traders will be caught in a situation where they can not extricate themselves I. Eyes with the price in the transaction, many forex traders is to let the eyes follow the price to rule the brain thinking, while deciding the traders trading behavior Why? Because the price is the key to determining the success or failure of the transaction so that, under the yoke of greed cashback forex fear, traders are forced to involuntarily follow the price run when the price rises, the eyes follow the rising price, the heart in the eyes of the traction, as the price continues to climb and expand sharply, the expansion of the heart eventually forced traders can not control themselves to buy at high prices Example 1: In a wave of rising market, traders look at the In the next few days, the price really fell as he had expected, and he wanted to buy, but the falling price had tugged at his eyes and unconsciously brought him into the "short" camp. "unknowingly" throw a short order, the result of the end of the market a reversal of the price up, the next day the market has resumed its upward trend Example 2: a day of trading has just begun, the price will soar, the trader did not think twice to buy, but the price as if he intended to oppose the seemingly sudden down again eyes with the price of constantly falling, the trader did not stop his hand, but without thinking about it, flat long single backhand to establish a short position, but the price like a smooth loach to get rid of his control, and then turned over and rushed up as several times down, losing a lot of troops afterwards, he said himself, confused simply like a dream chase up and down, which is a typical representative of the eyes with the price of going two, look at the plate in the heart without the plate, do not look at the plate in the heart with the plate Since the price is the key to determine the success or failure of the transaction, then in the analysis of the study of the market can not help but price as the primary concern factors, but also at this point, traders unknowingly entered a price misunderstanding - eyes with the price, that is, the price determines the price "market price inclusive digestion of all factors "Because of this, we do not tire of price research as always, but in operation there is often this situation: after the follow-up, the price is the opposite of our original intention of trading a technical indicator cross up, sending a signal to the trader to buy, the trader followed up to buy, but unexpectedly the price began to fall, and the technical indicator also began to hook down So, lets take a closer look at the relationship between price and technical indicators: if the price rises, the technical indicators will follow up; if the price falls, the technical indicators will follow down. Price to go - let the price to determine the price of the problem found, but to solve it is not an easy task perhaps only to do "look at the plate in the heart of the plate, do not look at the plate in the heart of the plate", in order to solve the problem to look at the plate in the heart of the plate, that is, the heart to have their own the "plate", the "plate" should be defined in the grasp of the price trend when watching the plate to pay close attention to price changes, but do not let the price changes at any time to move your heart of the "plate "In the first example, the trader initially saw that the price was rising, which aroused his desire to buy. In the first example, the trader initially saw the price rising, which aroused his desire to buy, and just when he wanted to act, the price fell. "Secondly, he did not understand the essence of technical analysis, let alone grasp the advantages and disadvantages of a particular technical analysis; thirdly, due to the cruelty of Forex trading, traders are forced to keep an eye on every change in the price level, unconsciously throwing their ego to the clouds and losing their sense of self, eventually forming the cruel fact that their eyes follow the price. In the second example, the trader, who is mainly a day trader, should have the general trend of the day in mind at the beginning of his trading, otherwise, even if he is a day trader, he will fall into the situation of repeatedly cutting his losses. "The key to the problem is where is your focus? If the trader is only focused on the rebound, the day of profit should be the day profit closed, should not be in the catch rebound in a protracted war, let the profit blind their own eyes, to do their own "plate" in mind if the trader focus on the general trend, and the immediate general trend of good performance, and in line with their own mind that If the trader is focused on the general trend, and the immediate general trend is performing well, and is in line with the "plate" in his mind, the trader can completely ignore the short pullback