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  • The 10 illusions of margin trading

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    I. Many people enter the foreign exchange cashback">">forextradingaccountstype because they are attracted by the high profitability of foreign exchange margin trading, many people think that foreign exchange margin trading can get very high pay, a year can earn him three times five times or even more, I regret to have to tell you that such a rate of pay only exforex trading accountsts on a mathematical basis, and does not exist in the real market, perhaps you will say, that I will not argue with you about the existence of such facts or not, I will only tell you that this is just a process, even if this whoever really made a lot of money in a certain transaction, but as long as he continues to trade, then these payments will not be real in the end, only when he completely left the market, these payments will be realized, otherwise it is just a book of coming and going The real high payoffs in the market do not exist in the trading table you see on the foreign exchange market, the mathematical payoffs are quite high, too high to calculate, can be a thousand times a hundred times or even a billion times, the reason why there is such a high mathematical payoffs may come from the foreign exchange market trading volume is large enough, not From the possibility of successful trading profits; when you want to enter the foreign exchange market, you must be clear exactly how to earn a reasonable pay, the so-called reasonable pay, like a blue-collar worker eight hours a day should receive the same reasoning, the reasonable pay in the foreign exchange market is higher than the general industry to come, it is because if you can survive in this trading market, then you pay the time, mental, mental, and the time you pay. Spirit, brain power, and the risks you bear, pressure, physical burden, etc., are higher than other industries, as if the doctor will be higher than the income to do the same; and such a reasonable compensation cognition, you must accurately measure the wages you deserve in this market, do not think that there are so many profits in the market, you can get out of thin air, even if the same doctor, famous doctors and quacks income I must tell you honestly, in the foreign exchange market, the people who lost money more than 80%, can really earn before a lot less than you think, and can really earn money in the market, and you now know the method has nothing to do; if you do not understand the reasonable pay before, but want to earn a fortune in the foreign exchange market, I would not say it is impossible, but I would suggest that you take these before going to buy Lottery tickets are better II. Foreign exchange margin can make the poor turn over the past five years, the foreign exchange market has produced great changes, the main reason lies in the rise of electronic trading, electronic trading is not only to make it more convenient for general investors to participate in this market, the most important is to create the so-called mini-account trading, the original foreign exchange trading contracts, reduced by one tenth, significantly lowered the threshold of participation in the foreign exchange market, such a change The name of the market is to allow the public to have more opportunities to participate in this market, but in essence, only to allow traders to have greater profit potential, the so-called ants moving elephants, sand into a tower, more participants, so that traders can easily hedge, easy profit; very professional people in this trading market are not easy to profit, let alone the general public of non-professional, if the foreign exchange market is so simple, then I think If the forex market is so simple, then I think we learn a few months of medical skills, you can help people open up, in the forex market to study the professional, absolutely no less than a doctor to learn the mini-contracts and standard contracts is a ratio of one to ten, so when you want to enter this market, according to experience, even if you choose the mini-account, please prepare at least 3000 U.S. dollars or more, and if you are trading with a mini-account, please all use Dont really think that if you put a $500,000, youll be able to get rich with Forex trading, when you deposit only $3000, in terms of one lot of mini contracts, you already need to use at least three times more leverage, and when the foreign exchange margin trading single more than 10 by leverage, are considered risky transactions, if you deposit too little margin, means you will lose any trading practices If you deposit too little margin, it means that you will lose any protection on the trading techniques, you must have a very high rate of correct trading, put yourself in a thought of heaven and a thought of territory in the absolute situation, with too little margin to participate in the market, you may still be successful, can still beat the market, but I will tell you clearly, the chances of this will not exceed 10% III. Many people like to talk about trends in trading, in fact, do not understand the trend, like to talk about trends, but to show as if he knows the market very well know how to trade it, delusions of trend trading is too many traders are very easy to make the mistake; real trend trading, in the trend will only trade a direction, and in the short term trading, there is no trend, because you will constantly change your trading direction. The market must have more or less, and the success or failure of a transaction, but more than first earn or empty first earn, just like the euro now, it is clear that a long trend, even if from 1.34 to 1.32, a two-hundred-point retracement, also no damage to the long trend, but such fluctuations, usually and our short term trading has nothing to do, we can buy the euro at 1.33, can also sell the euro at 1.34, we can be in such But this is not trend trading, the real trend trading, in such a fluctuation, will only do to buy the euro low trading only delusion of trend is one of the biggest damage to do margin traders, because delusion of trend to get themselves into a situation of self-deception, and lost in the forest of trading, swallowed by the chaos; to understand a countrys When the currency fluctuates by 3% or even more, the economic impact on a country is not so great, but when the currency fluctuates by 1%, after the leverage of margin trading, it is likely to produce great damage to our trading parts, do not understand the fundamentals of the trend and talk about the trend, the ultimate inevitable Self-imposed consequences IV. Do not know how to use leverage water can carry the boat can also overturn the boat, is a phrase that many people like to hang on the mouth, the participants in the foreign exchange margin trading market, do not know how to use leverage, accidentally because of the excessive use of leverage, and cause irreparable losses on the transaction, and the participants who have traded for a period of time, after being hurt, often too careful to use leverage, saying what light positions do not lose and other words, to Know how to take a light position without losing when the euro rises from 1.18 to 1.34? When the Japanese dollar from 109 to 122, and how to light positions do not lose? In the trading market is not to win that is to lose, light position is at best a slow death, or to put it nicely called light position not to die, but has lost the meaning of your entry into the foreign exchange margin market in the foreign exchange margin trading market, the use of leverage is a great learning, but few books or traders to talk about and explore in depth, and in fact, the use of leverage to learn is the most important leveraged trading market a subject It is more important than the understanding and analysis of the market, because the understanding and analysis of the market is always wrong, the correct answer is determined by the market, only the use of leverage is in your hands, light position is right? Is a light position right? Is a heavy position wrong? If you choose any of the answers, it is both right and wrong, because the use of leverage should be determined by the price you are trading, just like doing business, if you think the commodity will be hot, then you should buy a lot of goods, if you think the commodity is yet to be tested by the market, then you should buy a small amount of goods to see the market reaction before deciding, and the amount of goods bought, and also with the market In the foreign exchange margin trading market, you must clearly and skillfully know how to judge the value of currency prices before deciding on the use of your leverage, if you do not know how to use leverage, then you will completely lose the meaning of margin trading. Is technical analysis everything? Technical analysis is an aid, not a guarantee of your profit, this statement may let a lot of painstaking research technical analysis of people greatly disappointed, but is a fact that has to be admitted; technical analysis is only a tool to help you find the most suitable market trading price, rather than tell you should buy or sell tools, if you study technical analysis at the same time, not to find out a set of profit possibilities belong to the market, it is As if even if you are given a worlds most accurate foreign exchange market analysis report, you may not be able to make money because of the same reason, there is no own trading system or way, do not know how to make good use of leverage, then even if you know technical analysis, your analysis is more accurate, will not help you in the transaction because in the process of trading, will be because of your leverage, trading style, execution ability, capital planning, trading error of In the end, the meaning of technical analysis will be lost. Technical analysis only helps you to find out the appropriate trading price in the market, just like you find out the price worth buying and worth shipping through market research when you are trading. If you want to successfully use technical analysis, please first be able to design a set, suitable for your technical analysis of the trading system, and then sincerely believe in him, the exact implementation of his, otherwise you even if the technical analysis is good, at best, can only write a review of the exchange, can not become a truly successful traders, remember, the coffin to determine, success or failure In fact, in my trading career, I have met many people who are very successful in the mall, they are also successful in the trading market, but they are not so specialized in technical analysis, just because they know how to buy and sell six. I found that the late (the last three to five years) into the foreign exchange market participants, there are many traders who love to cross-rate trading operations, which is a very serious error phenomenon; to understand the cross-rate is a rather difficult study, in the traditional early foreign exchange market, cross-rate only large corporate fund institutions to carry out direct operations, I do not want to I am not trying to say that the traditional is correct, but on the exchange rate trading structure itself, cross rates are after two conversions or more to produce the exchange rate price, so from time to time trading cross rates participants can easily find that most of the direct opening and closing low and high prices, all information systems are the same, but the opening and closing low and high cross rates are likely to have a few points of difference, this is because the direct exchange rate in the instant When the price of change, each trader is likely to be different, and affect the price of the cross rate of different cross rate itself is a difficult mode of foreign exchange transactions, because the impact of cross rate transactions fluctuations, not only the technical side itself, but also scraped the regional trade, national monetary policy and other factors, and this kind of information is not easy to obtain quickly and directly, unlike the transactions on the direct market, most of the The information is open and real-time; and then from the current cross-rate structure, most of the yen as its main structural basis, such as the euro yen, pound yen, Australian dollar yen, etc., cross-rate changes than the straight plate to the big, perhaps you will say, is because the cross-rate fluctuations are more lively, so the profitability is also higher, that is wrong, because if you want to achieve the purpose of profit. If you want to operate cross rates, I would suggest that you combine your cross rates from two groups of currencies on the direct exchange, for example, if you want to trade the pound-dollar, then you can combine your cross rates from the pound to the dollar and the dollar against the yen to combine your cross rates, so you can not only combine to better exchange rates than you want, but also to avoid the risks hidden by direct trading cross rates, please understand that cross rates alone on the degree of trading ability, is far more difficult than trading straight exchange much higher, will not go to want to run, want to profit is just a fish in a wood seven. The pursuit of data release stimulus when important data is released, the market is often more volatile, but not the time when general traders should go to grab money, because the release of data, is usually the moment of the master duel, there is no long or short direction, only the master win or lose, data favorable to the dollar, the dollar can rise but may not rise, data unfavorable to the dollar, the dollar can fall may not fall, because the masters understand better than we do, this moment I still emphasize once again that a countrys monetary policy will not change because of short-term market fluctuations, just like the yuan even if it breaks new highs every day, as long as it does not endanger the countrys economic fundamentals, do not expect such a trend to change. The yuan reached five dollars only sooner or later, in the market of margin trading, the price we trade has nothing to do with the real trend; if you are happy to trade some market news and data fluctuations, then please first be extremely familiar with the psychology of the trading market, and then go to trade, because when the market because of news or data to produce relatively large fluctuations, the main force of the real market trading is playing with the psychology of trading, rather than just technical analysis alone. Not just technical analysis alone, not to mention the news data released good or bad eight. Confused about who is the real winner of the markets role played by several kinds of participants, traders, traders, large brokers and even state units, etc., leaving aside state units, the real winner of the market is actually only one, that is, the market traders, but the premise is that the trader is not involved in the market fight; a successful trader is like opening a casino, as long as the casino gamblers The more gamblers, then the more profit he makes, you have seen the casino because of gamblers win big money and closed, usually only because of bad business and closed, the casino to close usually only when he himself also became a gambler, the casino will produce business risks when a trader, with more gamblers, then he only needs to hedge from the gambling process, pumping, then he can Get a lot of profit, because gambling is the fundamental of human existence since birth; in the trading market, you should not expect yourself to become one in a million successful people, such people exist, but under normal circumstances, that person usually will not be you, if you want to become a real winner in the market, please turn yourself into the owner of the casino, not to become the king of gambling, the god of gambling, I am not trying to tell you how Im not going to tell you how to become the owner of the casino, because after all, that requires some capital and talent, the focus is on how you can turn your trading practices and the casino, rather than gamblers, you only keep looking deeper into the casino profit principle, then you have a chance to become a real winner in the market; of course, if you can become the one in a million god of gambling, I will still congratulate you on the nine. The vast majority of commentators, usually because of a deep understanding of the difficulty of making profits in the trading market, so will go to do commentary, in simple terms, a more famous commentator, usually just a trading market loser, this sentence may offend many commentators, Im sorry, I just said a fact; to do a commentator, far more than to do a real Trader is much simpler, because he does not need to bear the risk of trading, leverage calculations, psychological burden, etc., he can speak loudly that he has earned this month this year how many points, do not doubt, he may be right, but the point is, that all and trading has nothing to do with, because shouting single said the market, itself and the real deal has nothing to do with I can boldly say so, if it is to talk about the market, write a commentary on the exchange, then I can say ten single to nine single, write ten single to nine single, or even 100% hit, but do the market it? This is a completely different two yards of things, as if many people think he did a simulation single to understand the market, do a simulation single profit, you think you can beat the market, that is wrong, because the psychological weight of the position is completely different, in the trading market, there is a good saying, when you make a profit, the psychological weight of your position is the actual profit double, when you lose, the psychological weight of your position only the actual Half of the loss will only write a commentary is an immature trader, or even a trading market loser, write a commentary as long as there is enough technical analysis ability to achieve such a role to play, but a commentator is likely to know how to trade than the real people, more able to attract the attention of the masses, not because of what, just because the public itself more foolish; in a commentary, if only the price forever And profit points, that itself does not have any reference significance, because the use of less leverage, less leverage elements, then it is just a storyteller under the bridge, and if the use of leverage is unchanged, it is just a street vagabond; shout a simple price to experience, the Japanese currency target 106, stop loss in 123 above, how much to buy how much, so the The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what youre looking for. The possibility of achieving it is low? Even if it is wrong, no leverage used, there is no way to calculate the loss, but once the yen reaches 106, it is a great boast; please remember that most commentators are trading market losers, otherwise he will not go to do the commentary, because if he is a market winner, the profit is usually much greater than the ten. There is no real computer system that can predict the market when you enter the trading market, some times you will think you have found some very good trading system, or trading signals, once again I am sorry to tell you that such a thing does not exist; many people think he has found a very special technical signals, can accurately determine the direction of market fluctuations, the correct trading price, but in fact, in the market and There is no such thing, because you can easily go to Wall Street and buy countless software to help you weave such a beautiful dream, usually for a high price, but such software will be able to help you profit? Even if there is, it is only a momentary really good computerized trading system signal software, only large funds, brokers will design through specialists, and the results of such design, is not leaked, more importantly, even using the computer to calculate, they will often amend the procedures and parameters inside, in order to respond to different types of market changes, in my own experience, my mentor, a large My mentor, the vice president of a large foreign exchange trading department, once planned to introduce artificial intelligence into foreign exchange trading, at that time gathered the top traders and top computer engineers of many dealers, wasted several years and spent hundreds of millions of dollars, and they designed such software, sold to large currency traders and banks, the price is from 10 million dollars any computer trading signals you can easily get through the fruit, usually But as mentioned earlier, technical analysis is only an aid, it is not a guarantee of profit, dont be obsessed with those so-called computer decision systems, it is just a stumbling block that prevents you from making profits.