• Ten years to sharpen a sword --- commemorate my ten years of foreign exchange youth

    read:2023/2/26 3:34:50

    foreign exchange youth ten years: 2005 college graduate did a lot of work, a year of time cashback forexgforagoodliving.com">forextradingaccountstype always spent in the constant job hopping, once lost, once lost, can forextradingaccountsregister find the direction of life in 2006 a chance contact to the foreign exchange, the first look was deeply attracted, from then on an unstoppable turn of the eye ten years have passed, deep emotions! Foreign exchange trading contains too many sorrows and bitterness, real trading people forex trading accounts think the feelings will be very deep and deep just contact this industry a year is basically in the fresh, exciting, curious, confused spent countless bursts, countless times looking for the Holy Grail, countless times asked themselves to give up, countless times the belief, countless times regret bitterness, countless times was questioned and do not understand, countless times difficult to sleep but no way, I think This is what every trader has experienced, this pain you can take it as wealth, he can achieve a person, but also this pain can be seen as an abyss, it can also take you into the realm of the doomed the first year burst position became a routine, just graduated with little money in his pocket, and then no other income, I went out during the day to do a part-time job flyers to earn a little living expenses to support themselves, and continue to study my foreign exchange at night The second year, the third year I slowly learned the rules, discipline, money management, but still in a state of loss, account shrinkage due to the lack of money, the mentality will be more anxious, always want to make some quick money in this market, occasionally a few heavy positions on the account hit a point not left three years after graduation did not get anything, the bank account is empty, but also owed a classmate more than 3w of foreign debt once several times determined not to I am a restless person with a dead-end job I cant see the future or I see the next ten or twenty years maybe I am the same as those people, no more goals, no more dreams, wife and children is not the life I want to work after six months I resolutely gave up the job, re-downloaded the trading software In 2008, I re-entered the foreign exchange market that I love. 2008 was a lucky year for me, I met a good teacher, she was a 40-year-old woman who had a worse experience than me, 30 years old to do futures earned hundreds of thousands of dollars, but contact with foreign exchange two years not only lost the money earned in the futures and the car and house were sold for her husband also chose to leave her but she is a very strong and very opinionated woman. The firm thing will definitely put in all efforts to do a good job, her this firm let her at the age of 38 when she completely exploded she succeeded and now her life is comfortable, the career is growing to say that coincidentally, fate let me know her, listen to my experience, she told me all her experience in the past few years, and agreed that I go to work in her company, she taught me hand in hand not only I have a base salary to support themselves, the same she provided to I have learned what trading is, discipline, execution, position management, how important these are, of course, 08 years I did not earn money, to support themselves is not a problem from that year I began to firm up my decision, I want to make a career in this industry, to those who question me, look down on me to see that I can do the same 08-09 years in Teachers sage advice, I basically do not lose money or even sometimes make some money for several months in a row, but sometimes making money is the most terrible, because the pride of human nature will grow, will make you unbeatable, that the market is important to me to overcome a heavy position plus do not admit defeat, August 09 I completely burst the teacher gave me 20,000 U.S. dollars (1 w of principal, 1 w 2 thousand profit) the next day the teacher called me to the office. Nothing said, she said you go, our fate is here I am ashamed, one is to feel sorry for the teacher, the other is the loss of the account blowout let me very ashamed of that day I remember very clearly, I did not say anything, a deep bow to the teacher, tearfully out of the teachers office back to the rented house, see only ten square meters of private rooms, the four walls, I can no longer hold back their tears. What am I doing, four years of time I did what, nothing, students married married, buy a house to buy a house, buy a car to buy a car, live a very comfortable and elegant, I am, ten square meters of the house in the winter freezing sleep, the summer heat sweating dizzy, I for what? I didnt go out of the house for a week straight, thinking about these things every day, the kind of pain that is engraved in my heart is difficult to experience later from the mouth of a former colleague I learned that the teacher often mentions me, let me go is also ulterior motives she was previously in the futures company because of a big loss was dismissed, but it was that pain engraved in her heart let her completely awakened, trading discipline, rules are not allowed to No pain, no gain! This pain and bitterness also let me on a step 09 almost September when I organized my mood, the first overdraft my credit card deposit 2000 U.S. dollars (then living on credit card backwards and forwards, each time is to pay the minimum payment) the accumulation of these years so that I have a real understanding of the rules, the system, into the position 0.2 hand Europe and the United States more than a single, not a few days to earn more than 430 closed, but I am not at all I am not happy, because I know that this money is not their own, do not leave this market this money is always temporarily deposited to the account only after the transaction is also very smooth, to November with my account did 3600 U.S. dollars because to change credit cards I out of 1500 U.S. dollars, the account from 2100 U.S. dollars to continue to operate, may be the market is more care for me it, to January when the New Year account grew to In order to reward myself I went to the restaurant and ordered my favorite boiled fish, I dont know how many bottles of beer, that night I drank unconscious New Years Eve has come back to 10 years, my classmates heard that I did well, gave me an investment of 5000 Im very sure of what Im going to do, and Im very happy every day, but the market is like this, the more confident you are, you may give you a pot of cold water to splash over, so you cant guard against that day in February 5000 U.S. dollars to open a position 2 hands went in, because in accordance with previous experience, this single grasp is particularly large, but when you think grasp the big time must be the most dangerous time The market gave me a surprise, half an hours time loss of more than $1000, I was instantly blinded, I was hard to accept my mistake, but also very firm in their own judgment, I do not think I will lose, in order to dilute the loss, I added two more hands, just add the market suddenly down 30 points, this time the rules completely disappeared in my mind, I added two more hands six hands in the position I was actually not afraid at all, I Very firm that the market must be able to rebound, but luck is so bad, the market not only did not rebound, a few minutes of time to draw down 60 points, 5000 U.S. dollars account all of a sudden became a negative number of my own account is also very little left I silently turn off the computer, lying in bed, the brain is blank trading is like this, can not have a second of wrong ideas, a second of wrong ideas will cause a series of the later Wrong idea, plus not admit defeat, that is a k line away from bankruptcy all the pain to bear, do not blame anyone, to blame themselves that time also let me fully understand, trading is not allowed to fantasy, according to their own rules, the system adhere to do, wrong in time to admit defeat, right let the profits run up March 25 I remember very clearly, this is my life to remember the day, he is the day I was reborn 3.25 I credit card deposit 2000 U.S. dollars again, in the back of their own hands deep with a knife stab a mouth, told themselves that they must do according to the rules, not fantasy, do not expect, patiently wait for the opportunity and hold a position control 2000 absolutely not more than 0.5, killed or not more than, the opportunity is good again do not go into a heavy position strict stop loss, to the stop-loss level without hesitation to cut my determination really does not fail me. 2000 U.S. dollars in the middle up and down, to July account growth to 7300 U.S. dollars, behind the same smooth, to September for the first time more than 1w U.S. dollars I have since embarked on a stable and profitable road to the end of the year I paid off the classmates 5000 U.S. dollars (agreed 55 points, I gave him all) classmates not only did not want to take 5000 U.S. dollars, but also additional funds, introduced me to four friends to do In 11 years I moved out of the ten square meters of residential housing that I had lived in for 6 years, and replaced it with a large house, one is to live by themselves, in addition to the establishment of their own studio, the development of the back of the ups and downs but the total up is relatively smooth, the account has earned and lost, but are within the control of 11 years because the account is more stable, basically every account is more than 120% of the profits, I moved the studio out of the place where I live, looking for an office building The purpose of writing these experiences is to recall my own ten years of youth, and I hope to help my friends in the road of foreign exchange, because I can understand what the state of those who have been losing money, perhaps engraved in the bones, perhaps confusion is not the end of the day I hope I am more open-minded and selfless like the previous teachers to help and I am experiencing the same people trading is not a simple Things, it comes from life, and above life ten years to sharpen a sword, I hope more people can experience the fire after the sword sharpened into! Good luck to everyone!