• Telling the story of an ordinary forex trader I accidentally found out that forex trading is not that difficult

    read:2023/2/26 3:27:29

    Eventually, forex trading accounts became a day trader It took me quite a while to decide to make thforextradingaccountsregister change At some point, I tried to integrate trading as a hobby into cashback forex daily life, forextradingaccountstype one day I suddenly realized that I was actually already analyzing the market every day in front of my computer And at the same time, I continued to do my old job, but I was making it Recently, I started to turn down some clients I was unhappy with and stopped getting involved in topics I was not interested in. I asked around and found out that there were a lot of people making a lot of money from Forex trading. I also decided to give it a try. I think its not that hard to predict what events will affect some currencies, but of course, the platform is also important, it provides a lot of analytical tools and indicators to help me improve my trading My strategy is very simple, it is to find useful information from common sense I used to think that common sense is not worth paying attention to, and then this idea made me suffer as a day trader, you can not ignore common sense day Traders need to grasp their own ideas and apply them to their trading, your knowledge, and the broker you choose will be a reliable support, but many people do not make such an effort now, instead of leaving early for work, I get up with my wife and kids and wait until they leave the house before I sit down and start my day... Generally speaking, I check at least 4 international newspapers and magazines, 3 local news papers and finally, 5 different economic news sources such as Bloomberg, Reuters and a few blogs that I like. I need to know whats going on before I look at all the implications for the markets and of course, I follow the economic calendar. In hindsight, this has also been very beneficial to my trading career as Manchester is quite convenient to both the London and New York time zones and is also close to the Tokyo time zone I start work at the opening of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), which is 9:00 a.m. For the next 2 hours I am mainly comparing my previous notes with what is happening on the charts at the moment I only focus on 3 asset classes at most High volatility in the market is an opportunity for some People are opportunities, but I often lose a lot of money at this time, resulting in no gains for the rest of the day However, this does not affect my focus on high volatility hours, just think of 40% of the worlds trading occurs in London, I feel excited you have to stay alert ... When facing the markets you trade, on the one hand, you have to keep an eye on whats going on during the time period, and on the other hand you have to be alert if an asset reaches the entry point you expected before, then you have to be ready to act, but make sure that the price moves in the way you expect it to. If I open a position, I check it every 20 minutes and generally take it easy until 2 p.m. By 2 p.m., London is ready for a second round of market volatility and New York is poised for action. By 4 p.m., London is calming down and Americans across the pond are looking forward to lunch. I close all my LSE-related positions and by the end of the night, I have all the time in the world before I go to bed. Another important thing is to compare todays results with the trading strategy, see what went wrong and make adjustments Tokyo opens at midnight, but I dont feel I need to stay on the market, after all, tomorrow is another long day!