• Technical Goods Forex trading RSI divergence indicator

    read:2023/2/26 3:16:11

    forex trading accounts has a use, used to determine the "forextradingaccountstype phenomenon", due to the use of RSI indicators often blunt phenomenon, many proficient RSI indicators of forex traders have begun to study RSI divergence signal, judging RSI divergence forextradingaccountsregister not as difficult as imagined, today to tell you exactly RSI divergence is what, you will find the original is so RSI top divergence when the RSI is at a high level, the cashback forex rate is also at a high level, and then the RSI shows a peak than a peak of low trend, the exchange rate is constantly new high, forming a peak than a peak of high trend, this is the RSI top divergence phenomenon, top divergence phenomenon is generally the exchange rate at a high level is about to reverse the signal, indicating that the exchange rate is about to fall in the short term, is a sell signal in the actual trend, RSI indicator Top divergence refers to the exchange rate in the process of entering the pull-up, the first to create a high, RSI indicators are also correspondingly above 80 to create a new high, after which the exchange rate has a certain magnitude of fall adjustment, RSI also with the exchange rate fall trend adjustment but, if the exchange rate again up and beyond the previous high to create a new high, and RSI with the exchange rate up also reversed up but did not rush through the previous high on Begin to fall, which forms the RSI indicator top divergence RSI top divergence, the possibility of the exchange rate topping back down, is a relatively strong sell signal RSI bottom divergence and top divergence is the opposite of bottom divergence, when the RSI is at a low level, the exchange rate is also at a low level, followed by RSI shows a bottom than a bottom high trend, at this time the exchange rate is constantly creating new lows, forming a wave than a wave of low This is the bottom divergence bottom divergence phenomenon generally indicates that the exchange rate may rebound in the short term, is a short-term buy signal Technical Review RSI divergence is to make good use of the interaction between indicators and the exchange rate, to determine whether the current exchange rate deviates from the trend of indicators, there is a certain reference effect, good use of RSI divergence will be able to overcome the RSI indicator obtuseness phenomenon resulting in losses, however, when the divergence is invalidated do not A strong single chase, but wait until the next RSI indicator divergence and then consider entering the transaction risk tips RSI divergence, the accuracy of the top divergence than the bottom divergence when the exchange rate at a high level, RSI in more than 80 top divergence, you can think that the exchange rate is about to reverse down, you can sell in time; and the exchange rate at a low level, RSI is also at a low level when the bottom divergence, generally to repeatedly appear several times the bottom Divergence can be confirmed only after several times. Generally speaking, the reference of long-period divergence will be higher than that of short-period divergence.