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    read:2023/2/25 23:18:02

    Price Action Tradforextradingaccountstypeg Strategies: Hammer Crosses, Fakeys, Internal Daily Cforex trading accountsles In thcashback forex forex trading course I will share with you three price action trading strategies; Hammer Crosses, Internal Daily and fakeys These trading patterns are very easy and very powerful and if you learn to use them with discipline and patience, you will have a very At the same time, these three trading patterns are my "core" patterns and there are many other versions and variations of them, we focus on our member community and more advanced price action trading courses. Without wasting any more time, lets get started with the Hammer Cross pattern. The Hammer Cross is my "staple" for trading the Forex market and it has a high accuracy rate in trending markets, especially at confluence levels. When they appear particularly clear, prominent and conspicuous among the surrounding K lines, they often indicate that a strong reversal has occurred, and the forextradingaccountsregister chart is the only time frame that makes the best use of it. Hammer crosses appear in the context of the market trend; this is my favorite way to trade In addition, note that the two bullish hammer crosses at the bottom left bring the beginning of an uptrend while also signaling the end of a downtrend trade and an exit Fakey pattern: The Fakey trading strategy is the extra bread and butter of the price action pattern It indicates a reversal of important levels within the market Many times Fakey patterns can set off some pretty big moves in the forex market as we can see in the illustration on the right, the Fakey pattern basically consists of an internal daily candle line -The Fakey entry level is the high that triggers the price to resume the uptrend and then cross the internal daily candle (or the low of the internal daily candle in the case of a bear market) in the following chart we can see that the recent market has made a new high before the Fakey pattern formed The reason for the Fakey pattern is that at this time, all rookie traders are excited and happy to do one thing - guess the top! They are shorting against the trend! But then the professional traders, like wolves and cheetahs waiting for these little sheep to fall into their circle, see the opportunity to step in and collect the chips of these rookies who are trading in a panic, sweeping them off their feet and then, back to where they were, as if nothing had happened! Haha! After such a bloody but unproductive battle, an internal daily candle with a long sloping shadow (false breakout) is formed, thus forming the entire Fakey pattern of internal daily candles: the internal daily candle is an excellent trend continuation signal, but it can also be used as a turning point signal. So we will focus on this point, more information about internal daily candles and all its trading methods can be found in my Priceactiontradingcourse advanced course. We can see in the example on the right that an internal daily candle is fully contained within the range of the previous days candle. A breakout in the main direction of the trend on the daily and weekly charts is the best time frame to use for an inside daily candle. It allows you to take very little risk while giving you a lot of room for profit. /We can see a good internal daily candle pattern forming after the market broke down through a key support, the pattern shows price falling to a clear low and then heading down towards the next support at 1.2625, as of this writing many of our members are in this trade and there is extensive discussion in the members forum and daily comments as you can see above As you can see from the three examples above, forex trading is not complicated and does not require piling up all sorts of complicated, confusing and confusing indicators on your charts.