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    If you cant make a profit now; if you have started to make a profit, but always complementary profit cashback forexgforagoodliving.com">forextradingaccountstype loss, then please read thforex trading accounts article more than once This is the heartfelt summary of my trading journey over the years, and is now the secret of my real invincibility Its core is light, follow the trend, accumulate, increase positions, stop loss, hold positions, and Mingde! The so-called fundamental or technical analysis and analysis out of all kinds of, only used to be verified, and forextradingaccountsregister for a serious prediction (prediction is not used as the basis for operation! Just play the guessing game) never believe in forecasts - because forecasts are too much subjective bias, because forecasts are illusory future, because forecasts are the concentration of fear, because forecasts actually represent the inaccuracy of measurement, so do not believe in any analysis of non-up or down price movements, specifying that you should learn to be either more or less Do you know how to drive a car? No! Can you walk? Yes! Then the line you want to reach a destination, you first have to find the road, and then drive up or feet up, not first walking around and bumping remember, not you to open up the road, hit by mistake and reach the destination, but you see the road already exists, and then walk along the road, in order to reach the destination to place a trade, is to first see the market, and follow the market - - here is not dare to do the world first. -Here is not dare to be the first, not predictions in front, not fantasy in the first, you have to follow, after the move; then let the market lead you to walk a distance, you will be profitable how far the market can go? I dont know how long the market has to go to retrace? I dont know! If you start predicting the price distance or time, or lose patience, worry about losing profits, and leave the market too early, that means you leave the road, then you will fall into the trap on the side of the road, and at this time or the next moment, you will make a mistake, and you will make a big mistake holding a position, and time has nothing to do with it; and the distance of the price movement has very little to do with it, if any, is to see price movement of the border has reached or ready to cross, price movement of the border is actually very good to identify more than fifteen minutes of the graph, yesterdays high and low points, the previous days of high and low points, the border of the large average, etc., have almost been marked, their own hands on the line at a glance do not you want to make a smart thinking and doubts, K-line movement is so simple, and you make it complicated, but also confuse yourself. At the same time also confused themselves, which does not lose money? (The transaction itself is very simple, the complexity is human nature itself!) Holding a position has nothing to do with your patience, your personal emotions, including your expectations or doubts and other mental activities! If it is relevant, you have begun to lose money think about how you drive or walk will not think about it, then get on the road, walk while thinking about the relationship between your legs, the road and the destination step open legs is your trading behavior; road, is the path and direction of price movement; destination, is the boundary of price movement, but also the end of your trading profit (here it should be noted that the destination in life is always know in advance, but the destination of price movement is best not to explore in advance, follow can) walk a road, slowly imagine, who is first and who is after, who specifies whose behavior do not rush and premature steps, and do not worry about the front wolf after the tiger price movement will have a path process - the trend trend itself is a combination of distance and time extension, but this is At least, the vast majority of the market is like this and traders do not need to preconceived prejudgments in fact, follow the trade is the right trade and hold a position, and spreads and time differences are not related to the market and you are in tune with the profit is not it, do you still have to profit how many dollars, have to be clear Do you still have to be satisfied with the exact figures of how much money you made and how long you held your position? That is simply impossible and unnecessary trend and profit size how much do not bother, as long as you follow the beat in the market can be profitable the simple thing is to follow the price movement rather than confront the market quotes and you have nothing to do with the direction of the market, you and his fight against the struggle he will pay attention to you? So, if you follow the wrong, you should get used to easy and simple turn around but most people at this time, the heart has a million considerations, the body has a thousand pounds of weight, can not turn, so that the foot to drink hate 2 uninterrupted reading, do not stop your thinking, do not leave your action practice, in your life, familiar with the Taoist and Buddhist ideas, to keep quiet and inaction, abandon desire to stop thinking, and use these philosophical common sense truthfully guide your thinking and behavior, so that Keep your mind pure and free (this is very important!) What does simplicity of mind mean? My understanding is that there are no subjective distractions, and the mind is in a state of "emptiness but not emptiness", which means no preconceived subjectivity; not emptiness means knowing that you have to follow the objective, which is called "great wisdom but foolishness". In a state of mind that is "empty but not empty", ones mind is very free. (Freedom here means facing the up and down of the board without any pressure or sense of compulsion, only following with ease, very free, isnt it?) Because the abandonment of those things, the fundamental and profit and loss has nothing to do, the fundamental and your happiness index has nothing to do, but too many too many people but the deadly pursuit of these do not relax, really self-barrier since no Lao Tzu said, "Gai heard that those who are good at preserving life, Lingxing does not open the bull ......", meaning that Good at preserving life, walking in the mountains and tombs do not easily do chopping rhinoceroses or tigers ...... a trader should not be easily involved in the risk, do not be driven by the desire to take a heavy position or rush into the field, and do not leave the field too early because of fear and doubt honestly control the position, honestly see the market before following the type of trade, which is If you have thoughts or expectations or doubts about trading because of the influence of bad psychological activities, it is not the essence of trading. In fact, if you are a mature trader, the nature of profit and loss has nothing to do with psychological activity, but not many people in this world can see this, (because not many people really understand trading, most people are pseudo-intellectuals) at most he can see that the process of psychological activity determines the way people behave, and try to control their own psychological state and trading methods and principles, etc. This is typical of the psychology of immature traders But in fact, you do not need to work so hard as long as you give up your ideas, simple your behavior, proportional light positions, do a few price movements to follow the action, hold the position process with the price movement and profits are large and small, this is trading (to this issue, I would like to add a few words here the original author would like to emphasize that mature traders do not operate with emotions or preconceived mental activities, immature traders operate with a lot of emotions. Theoretically, this is a correct conclusion, but he makes the process of immaturity to maturity a little too simple, there are such people who exist overnight, but too few, the vast majority of people still need a process of psychological improvement, (www.waihuibang.com) and this process is not short in time! Some people even spend a lifetime without real improvement! We must understand that it is impossible for the vast majority of people to keep their minds pure and free 100% of the time! This original author may be a genius who said to let go and let go We are not geniuses and cannot ignore the process of mental improvement We must also be clear: even if we keep improving our mental qualities, keeping our mind pure and free 100% of the time is only the destination we are as close as possible, an unattainable destination for the vast majority of people but even so, we are already (enough to be profitable in the market!) Where is the mind in it anymore? The mind is inside, but also controlled by these bad thoughts, distracted, anxious, heavy risk, net loss, is not asking for suffering? Traders must correctly understand trading to be clear that holding a position and trading are two different things trading is a verb, is an action, then many times in the intentional, frequent for the vast majority of people in the world if not in the transaction will feel uncomfortable, not in the frequent entry and exit does not appear to be a capable trader, not every day dead eyes on the market smart analysis and trading, as if they can not show their wisdom Similarly, 3 positions are held for nothing, his position profit figures every moment in line with the market trend changes and changes, but his heart and hands never worry too much or easily change his position trend is complete, the price movement pattern will tell him that he should put the profits into the bag, this time, he naturally harvest their positions, as for the next single whether to enter, how to enter, when to enter The next single whether to enter, how to enter, when to enter, that depends on the price trend itself and his work and leisure time arrangements, and profit opportunities, always everywhere (here the original authors point of view is a bit inconsistent in front of the trading is non-short that is more trading, here and then look at the contradiction of the argument is the contradiction of ideas, operation will certainly have contradictions) but to say it is strange, so simple way to profit, investors or traders always can not do get, what is the reason? Im afraid its the same as Lao Tzu said, the real profitable people are in the "great wisdom if foolishness" of keeping quiet and soft, while those who have the "thrill of trading" "strugglers" are in the "The basic idea in the theory of yin and yang or dialectics is that when you dont move and keep still, everything in the world is changing, so you dont need to move much, to move is to follow the movement of the world around you, this is called should move or move (the truth of this paragraph is right, the question is How to respond to movement? Keep still when everything in the world is changing, applied to trading, is that whether you intervene or not in the market, the market at all times we can not predict the changes should move, we must have the appropriate follow the objective method, not just talk) because the achievement of anything, is the product of the movement of various conditions around the world, rather than the subjective will of people, so individuals should definitely keep still The relationship between the K-line movement and the traders behavior, and even more so, the relationship between passive and active, standing against weakness, in the static female, is the real proactive way this is also the way we do everything 4 traders also pay attention to the significance of accumulation of "no accumulation of steps to a thousand miles", "gathering sand into a tower". "The same is true for financial trading, where the market trend is driven by each main wave and the second wave retracement superimposed, do not feel that there is a sense of entry and exit because of each fluctuation, in fact, there is a sense that you do not move your position, at best, after the resumption of the trend light position (This statement is a bit generalized meaningful is that you do not move your position this sentence is not correct, do not move your position must have operational standards) rather than your speculative psychological fluctuations brought about by a series of wrong moves large trends are superimposed by a number of small trends, to have the patience to hold positions and wait, to do a large trend of homeopathic hold; similarly, if you enter and exit the field of conduct to do more, the wrong will be more, the amount of your accumulated losses Will be huge, you want to get it back, also need to improve the same doubling ability to do so (not necessarily so large trends are indeed cumulative from small trends, but not small trends can be cumulative into large trends less operation is not patiently waiting, but quietly watching, the operation of price changes most of the time run within the rules to do more, it is true that the error will be more, but if the trading system is a high probability of positive returns system, in fact, regardless of the operation of small levels, or large levels, are positive returns, which, in the words of this original author, really few people will understand! (That is the error seems to be more, but the profit has increased) from the positive point of view, the accumulation of significant significance also lies in the compounding of your position profits compound interest has great energy, but also from the freedom of the mind and quietly keep nothing to do imagine that you are not in a heavy position to get rich quickly, risk fluke wrestling short, (Speaking of heavy, short these issues, many people feel that there is a problem, why? Because they can not properly respond to the trading system, according to their own, other peoples haphazard operation of the loss results to say things do not understand people also follow the clouds heavy positions, wrestling short out of the problem is not in the heavy positions, wrestling short itself, but in the "how to do"!) Rather, each time you can light positions, lasting follow the market, then with the increase in the number of such spread rolling and accumulation, your book profit is also accumulating amplification, encounter clear market, you can also add positions to continue to follow, by following the trend of the number of positions and spread rolling and the accumulation of the time process, even if always proportional light positions, you can have a very huge harvest of the opposite, that Want to have a rich trading position, heavy risk, frequent wrestling short, quick success, only know the immediate benefits, do not know the specific conditions behind the various will change at any time, and itself but no ability to respond to traders, not in the immediate aftermath, sooner or later will be like a fluke and fast cars speeding or even run a red light like the unpleasant consequences of the same let you lose a lot of money, desire to harm people, the consequences Generally is a car wreck, then you are too late to learn from your mistakes too many people are talking about light positions, the trend is clear to add these wrong concepts light position, how light is light position? The trend is clear, what kind of trend is clear? These blackmail ideas, here today to talk about light position, here involves two amounts: "hands ready to enter the market funds" and "hands ready to enter the market funds accounted for all their assets ratio" in general, intervention in the financial market funds should not Even if you have 99% certainty of long-term stable profits in the financial markets, you should guard against the 1% accidental risk Next, for the ready to enter the market, less than 50% of their total assets, how to intervene in the problem? This is the so-called light position and heavy position said for the time being not to define what is light or heavy position we first need to understand is, "Do you have a set of probable positive returns on the trading system"? If not, then the result of your operation will always be "big losses and small gains", so that even if you divide the money in your hands into 100, 10,000 or even more copies, the final result is still dead, just a little slower to die So, the problem is clear, dead or not, not a light position or heavy position, but you have no long-term stable profit For example, the Dow Jones industrial index is basically a long-term upward trend, if you do transactions at the quarterly level, annual level, the upward trend is very clear, basically no opportunity to leave the market, but with the daily level, 60-minute level or smaller levels of operation, there are many times a deeper retracement of the trend is clear, everyones view is not the same market is not Anyone can control, when you think the trend is clear, open a position or increase the position is safe? No! As soon as you enter, the market will start to turn back "anything is possible" is the market norm! Do trading, do is the probability to speak of probability, we must talk about a specific system without a specific carrier, talk about what probability Why I have repeatedly stressed the rules to trade, not that trading with the rules, every time than guessing the top of the bottom and other subjective analysis of the results are good, some single than the subjective analysis of the poor But, subjective analysis is the subjective imagination of people, including the so-called trend clear is also your subjective imagination Because it is subjective, that is, there is no consistent rules to regulate your trading behavior, then there is no talk of probability for learners, trading must be light, because the purpose of trading at this time is not really profit by trading, is to learn to learn to drive, even if it is driving practice, that is still practice, must be slow but, once you pass the road test, officially on the road, or 20-50 km slow speed? Where did your qualified driving ability go? If you can drive, or drive a slow car, it is not a psychological problem, is it a technical problem? (So, some of the original authors ideas or psychological problems, because he does not think about the psychological improvement) "more easy will be more difficult", "the desire for speed is not achieved", the development of any thing in the process there are bound to be a number of sequential conditions of decision and influence, fast is harmful, slow is beneficial The slowest accumulation is your fastest way to profit, (to prove your point, its nonsense, huh the right idea is that stable profit is the way to accumulate wealth) and to believe that the power of compound interest is huge (this is the right idea of wealth accumulation is to rely on time and compound interest) compound interest, sometimes algebraic level of growth, and sometimes geometric level of development, the energy is infinite. The energy is infinite, like bean sprouts top stone like astonishing to let yourself have patience and can see this huge harvest with time and accumulation of expansion in exchange for the huge wealth, because the thinking and the reality of the surface of the starting point is different, will let you in when there is really a huge harvest comes, you will be able to in turn really feel, the original huge wealth to have although it took some time, but really or quickly, and also very safe so, the fastest and greatest way to have wealth is so one after another safe position profit slowly accumulated, in addition, there is no other way to find a few averages, they will make up the direction and path of price movement, they are also often the guardrails of the path, and then draw the horizontal line, at most, then look at the pattern of the K-line combination, and then follow the K-line, you can (very true!!!) This is not for you to engage in advanced technical indicators or trading methods, but to give you some information or confidence to follow the market movement and in the end, it is still a kind of follow - follow the general direction of the high probability of the law of averages or K-line combination patterns, and only when these indicators and K-line direction is formed, you can enter and exit the market, and Not subjective early prediction or impose subjective will on the transaction If you are a mature person, you do not need any indicators at all, the naked operation can be, because the market up and down you see, follow can As for the fundamentals, only uninteresting people will look at it So, trading is so simple If you have to find a brilliant method, then it is to return to the truth, purify the mind, you need to treat yourself as "Idiot", this is a kind of training, a realm, the average person really can not be an "idiot" it! (correct but is not this process is the process of psychological improvement? (Westerners call it psychological perfection, we Chinese call it "enlightenment" and "attainment of the Tao" these sound very nebulous words) emptiness and inaction, there is no one thought, do not predict, and do not have anxiety, let the direction of the price movement to tell you how not up that is down to run after him because where the road is, what the direction is and how far the destination is, is never your own choice, much less your fairy-like prediction, your path at the moment, has never been told, chosen, followed If you have taken this road, then look up and enjoy the scenery on the side of the road or in the distance, do not think about your feet in a nutshell, the profitability of the " The "road", the original is that you are in the "everything is empty" follow the type of "being profitable" people do everything, all about the word "ability", someone has Someone has the ability to calculate, to study mathematics; someone has the ability to move, to engage in sports; someone has the ability to sing, to be a singer; someone is good at strategy and planning, on the power of love, and so on, is the basis of his ability to do a good job in financial trading, always profitable, is he has the ability to make a profit? If you are a financial predator or an investment bank or a joint investment bank, you can call the shots in the market and sway the situation, that is undoubtedly capable, (wrong!) (Dows thinking is clear, no one can sway the market!) In addition to your ability to marry politics, have excellent economic wisdom these abilities, you will certainly also have a strong capital power can let you play but the problem is that you are just an ordinary trader, an investor with only a few thousand dollars, or at most a few million dollars so you do not have any ability 5 Some people ask, you said so much, you said you can profit, then you are not a financial predator, you are here blindly stirring up what to do? I will now answer your question I am always in profit, but I am not a financial predator, two do not have any so-called profitability first, I have said above, now say the second this strange problem financial trading can really profit, and is a long-term stable profit, in fact, and the trader itself does not have any relationship you go with the trend, you can profit, that is the market in the let you profit; you can not profit, that is you hold a position against the trend and profit. The market is not letting you profit from the position against the trend. The logic is that a person does not have anything to do with itself, so what does it have to do with? (Any behavior is directed by the brain. The original author doesnt understand the motivation of behavior, but tries to explain human behavior in a new way.) The way to profit lies in the fact that you can follow the trend and hold a position without moving you hold a position without moving, and can follow the trend, is the power of your cultivation at work, not your ability to trade profitably if you make a profit, it is certainly not what you have the credit, nor what you have the ability to trade, but your "Tao" nature is playing a role (Tao nature is What is it? You are profitable, of course, because of yourself! You "can" put down the subjective, close to the objective human behavior, behavior of the results are inseparable from the person itself and human thought) Some people say, I have the ability to technical analysis, I have the knowledge of fundamental judgments, I can predict the ability of the market, this is a joke (this view is right) technical analysis is a high probability of the event summary, I admit that he has the ability to determine the future of the market. I admit that he has a role to play in determining future market trends, but his first is mostly summed up after the fact, second, technical analysis, mostly confined to a certain price quotation stage, and in fact, no need to pay much attention to the local movement of the overall trend will have any impact on the fundamental forecast, I believe your ability is still far from even if you can predict, it is just ambiguous so, trading just follow the trend on the line Plans, principles, strategies, is it important? My answer is that I do not have these things, and I never pay attention to these I just open a light position, set a good stop loss, price follow, profit continue to light positions, and so on; (are not these plans, rules, strategies? Oh, the original author of this in these areas, in order to illustrate their so-called Tao line, a general denial of the accepted concept) If you must say that there is a plan, I only have these simple actions, in fact, he is not what method principles, you are doing margin leverage trading, you can not light positions, you can not stop loss? So I do not have any principle strategy in short, do not boast of self dazzling, he is only the market to give you a gift (the market will not be a gift, but will praise and punish people understand the difference between?) Not what you have the ability to profit (is not the ability to follow the market?) If you are struggling in the trading market or looking for ways to win, from now on you should know that it does not help your trading at all, but you are always losing money, it is really about you, you are always doubting, you are always expecting, you are always fearing, you are always analyzing, you are always planning, you are always stipulating your own trading principles, but in reality, you are always losing money (in short) The result of a behavior is inevitably closely related to the guiding idea of the execution of such behavior, and the guiding idea is the soul of the person, so the behavior and the person must be related! Otherwise, killing is not responsible for the) trading method, is unable to (not really unable, but the law of the law of the law of the averaging system is the law, but the averages are following the market changes and changes in the law) outside the market, open a position in the trend, awake in the enlightenment of the cut, after the line of good profit free and heaven and earth, know in the beginning of the line and can know to stop, the market itself and I self-interest, I self-interest and I am in the market outside the market