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  • Several points worth learning trading strategy

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    (1) A: only in the cashback forex to show the characteristics of a strong">forex trading accounts, or is brewing the formation of a trend, forextradingaccountsregister has issued a signal, only to enter the market (1) B: to identify the main trend in each market, and follow this main control of the overall situation of the trend operation, or more observation, do not do (2) A: the previous trend where a significant reversal (2) B: horizontal finishing disk significant to a certain direction when the breakthrough (2) C: the main trend down: a small rebound to meet the counter-pressure to sell; or start rebounding after counting the 3rd or 5th day to sell the main trend up: technical back to meet the support to buy; or start back down the 3rd or 5th day to buy (3) do follow the trend of the position of the main upward trend, secondary short selling position to light (4) when the position built in line with the general trend, and the market trend prove that the trend is in your favor, and then the second point described in the technical rally at the pyramid to increase the size (5) keep the position unchanged until after the objective analysis, found that the trend has reversed or will reverse, then you have to close the position, and act fast!!!! Always pay more attention to market movement and development patterns than to targets and support/resistance areas. Try to use trailing stop orders and constantly supplement them with the development of market movement, rather than using targets. Using targets often does not fully recognize the potential of the main trend A: trend tracking system issued by the trend reversal signal, all the way to set the stop-loss point B: counter-trend operation, the first signs are not right, immediately close the position (6) If a market cannot follow the development of important positive or negative news, this is often a precursor to an immediate trend reversal If we are holding a position, pay special attention to this development (7) When trading is going poorly: (a) reduce the size of the transaction; (b) tighten the stop-loss point; (c) hold off on entering new transactions