• Several multi-bullish K-line combination

    read:2023/2/25 22:51:15

    a bottom tower-shaped bottom several multi-bullish K-lforex trading accountse combination 1 graphic features: A appeared in the downtrend B by multiple cashback forex composition C first K-line for the negative or large negative, from the second began a series of small negative, small positive, and the amplitude of the shock are not large D the last for the positive or large positive E from the morphological point of view, like a teacup 2 note: A bottom Tower bottom is a clear signal of the bottom, especially in the decline of the exhaustion gap when the B formation of the bottom tower bottom process, at this time, if the volume is steadily enlarged, there will generally be a big market C if the tower bottom, while there are other bullish K-line combinations occurring co-vibration, the buy signal is more accurate II uptrend forextradingaccountstype crows several bullish K-line combinations 1 graphics Features: A appears on the way up, if the early stage of the rise, more practical significance B a total of five K lines, the first for the sun or sun, the second three or four for the three small negative and in turn the center of gravity down, and did not fall below the closing price of the first positive, the fifth K line for the sun or sun C change graphics can be only four K lines, only two small negative in the middle, called the uptrend double crow, more Common 2 Note: A uptrend three crows in the three crows is the middle of the three small negative, also known as uptrend three steps B uptrend three crows in the three crows is a multiparty in gathering energy, waiting for the time to attack, do not think that the air side took the initiative and sell the stock C If the uptrend three crows appear, and 5 days, 10 days short-term averages form a golden cross, buy signal more accurate three multiparty spikes a few Multiple bullish K-line combination 1 graphical features: A in the process of rising, if it appears in the early stages of the rise, more practical significance B the first sun or sun, with the upper shadow line, the upper shadow line is generally about 1/3 of the positive entity C immediately after the stock price into the adjustment, when the multi-party in the entry of the upward trend, the stock price on the upper shadow line through the first positive, it forms a multi-party spike pattern combination 2  nbsp; Note: A multi-party into a large-scale upward attack, a test upward attack, from the first K-line long upper shadow line can be seen, the shadow line is called deep into the enemys position spikes, so called multi-party spikes B multi-party spikes appear, indicating that the stock price continues to rise, especially the short-term average system 5, 10, 20 days to form a multi-head arrangement, the volume of mildly enlarged, it is the case good opportunity to intervene