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  • Looking back at the foreign exchange these years

    read:2023/2/25 18:23:01

    before often vcashback">forex trading accountsit the foreign exchange forum, want to see friends on the foreign exchange views, but also more learning, but now forextradingaccountstype think I will forextradingaccountsregister often go to the forum, because I always feel that trading is their own business, sink to improve their own bar 25-year-old me, not good at talking in addition to trading nothing, 4 years of stock 2 years full-time foreign exchange had thought my life should have found a job to stabilize married a daughter-in-law I know that trading has become a part of my life trading techniques, find the right indicators for yourself, do not rely on indicators, it is only a ruler for your trading, indicators are not good or bad, the key is in the people, make good use of will use, the important thing is that it should be suitable for you. The important thing is that it should suit your own philosophy and character, I myself use two averages trading method, in my case is to follow the big and small, there must be many people can not agree with what I said, I do not go to argue this, because I have colleagues to follow the big and small can still be stable profit, but I have not met the big trend, I just want to tell you, follow the big and small is my understanding of the nature of the trend after the practice, it can also let you I use three cycles, the choice of the cycle depends on personal preferences, not the main, try to choose a large cycle of D1 or more, the large cycle to set the trend, the medium cycle to feel the rhythm of the market, to find the right entry space, small cycle single, these are built on the basis of their own ideas and character slowly made out of the strategy of trading, cut short losses, so that profits Run to narrow the stop loss, put profit, try to improve the profit-loss ratio, do not pay too much attention to the win rate, I up to 10 single are losses, remember that this is on the premise of a small stop loss, but this will not affect my next transaction, I know a correct single will earn more said devolved profit, put the premise of winning is already away from the cost, and the stop loss has been above the cost, survive far more important than profit, with this premise, feel the market it I dont want to say too much about the importance of the trading concept, why I dont say homeopathic, thats because I think homeopathy is based on a time cycle, how to talk about homeopathy in different cycles, the time cycle of everyones trading is different, your homeopathy in my case may be the counter trend, but we are all right. But we are all right, so I said with the trend of trend investment is a very deep study, still widely spread, its own reasoning trend is not just those we see on MT4, I understand the trend from everything, it is the laws of nature, its beginning should not be clear to me, because it is the laws of nature will survive to be recognized by everyone, right, although my understanding of the trend is still very superficial, but I know very well that it is the only one I can rely on a fixed number of trading, it is bound to exist trading mentality, I myself summed up the patience, not their own dish with it, when to place a single, the trading system has been very clear, we have to do is to wait, wait, patience, patience decisive, the system signal, the opportunity arose, we have to fierce tiger pounce, without half hesitation, without any thought baggage and feelings Color, to do we have long done, we wait for this time, what is still hesitant still afraid of what, if this are hesitant again and again, then we can not find more suitable for their own trading opportunities, decisive single it confidence, full belief in themselves, believe in their own trading system responsibility, to take seriously every opportunity that appears in the trading system, in the system signal, but not yet single time, must be full attention, no distractions themselves under each single, but also to face it, do not let go because of a single 0.01, which is a bad trading habit lastly is the usual mind, right, this I myself also failed to do, not to say huh trading way: the market is variable, indeed in the road, the market oscillation to the trend can be said to be a state of equilibrium was broken after the formation of the state of imbalance, but always The market can be said to be a state of equilibrium is broken after the formation of an imbalance, but will always return to the flat horizontal, this reciprocal cycle is not a certainty, this truth is not also in line with the rules of nature, I myself also in the sense of it, although a lifetime of understanding can not be completed, but our trading should be humble heart, more learning more understanding, in their own will always be useful, I am a forum novice, the first posting to write so much, as said before I am not good at talking, just to leave my footprints on the age I am still a little brother. In the future to go a lot of road, the seniors do not abandon, may as well be frank, quoting a sentence "life like a big dream of emptiness, Shaohua white head, but the fleeting but there is a heavenly path constant in, repeated cycle, not changed ..." common encouragement of often feel their ideas from the public, they should not be very arrogant, but Still not fortunate with a few people can have a collision of thinking trend is very strange, you go to great lengths to follow is only its shadow, when you keep their own rules when its real body will come uninvited we really understand the trend, have you ever asked yourself what is smooth, have you ever thought about the oscillation and unilateral is only a trend in the development process of the performance of the form, they can never represent a trend alone as I put The trend of the temperature throughout the year is said to be rising and falling, and the spring and summer solstice autumn and winter solstice, these are people measure a year of temperature trends a ruler, this is the rules of understanding, but often the temperature change is not so accurate, or early or late, but people have been through their own understanding of the ruler touch the trend of temperature changes throughout the year, which is enough trend want to really grasp accurately is not realistic, you can do is just keep your own trend. What you can do is just keep your own rules, keep to the real meaning of homeopathy, you follow the essence of the market trend truth is always so commonplace, but demonized without borders If someone asks me what is the most difficult trading, I would say is to wait I feel the cost of trading is expensive, not only money, but also need to wait a long time, professional traders are actually using their lives to trade I would like to pay tribute to those professional traders who have been trading without any regrets, you are all good.