• Look at the Japanese foreign exchange margin market in those maverick role

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    Although Maidaq has almost occupied the world with MT4, but there forextradingaccountsregister still a piece of the place he developed immovable   At present, Japans four major islforextradingaccountstypes scattered 54 compliant foreign exchange brokerage and 9 compliant bforex trading accountsary options brokers seem to Maidaqs MT4 does not like, I also want to ask a question for Maidaq why it?  However, in addition, I am curious about this maverick market in the recent conversation through the text way the worlds largest foreign exchange trading volume of Japans local foreign exchange broker GMOClick, the author in a question and answer between the cashback forex foreign exchange margin market in each role has a richer understanding of Mrs. Watanabe before we start with Mrs. Watanabe Before the debut of the Japanese investment market to talk about most Japanese people for the use of assets are relatively conservative, Japans personal financial assets, cash, the proportion of deposits up to 50%, which is very high compared to other countries Before the debut of foreign exchange, Japanese people in the use of assets, the more common way is stock trading but in terms of investment in stocks, the selection of shares is not easy, because you can trade The time from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. is relatively limited and requires a lot of money, so stock trading is mainly concentrated in the 60-70-year-old retired men  FlowofFunds-OverviewofJapan,theUnitedStates,andtheEuroarea-  nbsp;December22,2016,ResearchandStatisticsDepartment,BankofJapan  Once upon a time, most people who made investments were those who had both assets and time, but since the late 1990s, along with the easing of regulations and the development of the Internet, online financial transactions The most active time period for price fluctuations is around 10:00 p.m. in Japan, which is a convenient time for housewives and company employees to trade, so it is more popular among the younger age group (30s and 40s). 3040 years old) more popular Japanese foreign exchange trading age group is concentrated in the 30-50s, compared to stock trading, foreign exchange trading in the female participation rate is higher Japan Mrs. Watanabe this type of investor is to borrow low-interest yen to buy high-interest currency, arbitrage carry earnings at the same time, the pursuit of the return on the difference between buying and selling side view education when the time and investment environment is convenient The companys business is a major player in the global financial market, and it is also a major player in the global financial market, and it is a major player in the global financial market, and it is a major player in the global financial market, and it is a major player in the global financial market, and it is a major player in the global financial market, and it is a major player in the global financial market, and it is a major player in the global financial market, and it is a major player in the global financial market, and it is a major player in the global financial market, and it is a major player in the global financial market.  As early as in the previous interview, I have heard that the popularity of foreign exchange trading in Japan is very high, and there are special training courses in the community Indeed, according to GMOClick share, there was a survey shows that in Japan, about 80% of people have knowledge of foreign exchange trading, which is considered a relatively high proportion in the world In addition, in Japan there are indeed many for foreign exchange practitioners, resigned Traders, trading performance is very good individuals and some individual investors advice and services to provide, and even special foreign exchange schools outside the university institutions, such as the Yano Institute of Economic Research will also be released to the public foreign exchange industry-related survey report  so on such investment training environment and attitude to see, Japans foreign exchange investment group is not only the amount of large, in terms of investment literacy also has a qualitative outstanding this I am afraid that other countries and regions are difficult to reach There is no IB agent how?  For brokerage firms rooted in China, the market potential is huge, but the brokerage firms and investors need a vital bridge between IB agents, but if there is no agent how to do? Lets take a look at how Japanese foreign exchange brokerage firms that do not rely on agents can break the development of the problem?  In 2005, the Japanese regulator, the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA), required IB agents to obtain a second financial commodity trading industry qualification issued by the FSA before they could engage in the work of introducing customers because of this restriction, so the marketing campaign about IB is almost non-existent, Japans major brokerage firms basically use the direct customer model Japan for coldcall this kind of advertising phone call behavior The Japanese compliance brokerage firms will advertise through various types of media (newspapers, magazines, websites, signboards, and TV commercials) under relatively strict regulations On the other hand, Affliate affiliate marketing does not require a license and is more common in Japan in combination with the online affiliate marketing model to absorb retail customers In addition to using affiliate marketing in the channel to attract customers In addition to the way to attract customers in the channel, Japanese foreign exchange dealers will also develop humane marketing strategies for specific groups I observed Japanese foreign exchange dealers in the official website to provide marketing activities, in addition to the choice of cash rebates to attract customers, they also like to send food or daily necessities as gifts, which is also to attract more housewives eyes    In addition to the thought put into gift giving, by the way, like GMOCLICK Securities, will also choose a famous Japanese actress to be the spokesperson for the company, to shoot the companys TV commercials below for GMOCLICK Securities latest spokesperson Yuki Arakaki  They hope to attract the attention of more groups who have never paid attention to GMOClick through the fresh image of the company In addition, GMOClick will also shoot a variety of styles of advertising based on different advertising themes, such as zombie, tribal, etc. At this point, compared with other regions of the world favoring soccer association brokerage, is not some alternative and interesting?  Long-term vision of regulation Talking about Japanese brokerage firms can not avoid talking about Japanese regulation, because they have achieved each other Japan mainly has the Financial Services Agency (FSA) and autonomous regulatory bodies (Financial Futures Association FFAJ) dual supervision, the rules and regulations relating to foreign exchange transactions are set out in detail In addition, one of the policies operated by the Financial Services Agency is to take a long-term vision to To explore the problem, so in some social problems before the occurrence of the implementation of the corresponding policy, which also reflects from the side of the side of the development of the foreign exchange industry in Japan support for example, Europe is now negotiating the regulation on the leverage multiplier, Japan in 2010 has been introduced prudent customers after focusing on brokerage strategy and sound regulation, now we are still on the Japanese foreign exchange investors Understand little according to GMOClick survey, investors will consider the following factors before choosing a platform: 1. The extremely narrow spreads of foreign exchange transactions (for example, the standard US / Japanese spread is now 0.3)  2. The stability of the trading system (obstacles encountered in trading lead to the need to provide telephone trading such as a substitute for the trading method of the company basically no)  3. and Trading platform ease of use (compared to MT4 platform, some of their own company-specific trading platform more dominant market) In addition, the survey also found that customers are usually accustomed to doing transactions in several foreign exchange platforms at the same time, the reason for this is to avoid the risk of not being able to trade because of system problems customers will also take into account the trading conditions of different brokerage firms may also differ, a variety of options can The reason for this is that you can avoid the risk of not being able to trade due to system problems. It seems that this is not the case, and the possibility of an equal share of the world is very small Japanese customers who choose overseas brokerage firms are generally in demand for services that Japanese brokers cannot provide, such as ECN, MT4 and high leverage, and Japans demand for ECN and MT4 trading has not become greater, so it is difficult for foreign brokerage firms to become a larger market share in Japan Another point is to make Japanese foreign exchange investors in The Japanese foreign exchange investors are particularly cautious when choosing overseas brokers, according to the Japanese regulatory system, overseas brokers are prohibited from operating in Japan if they do not have a license, through some overseas unlicensed brokers to trade and cause a series of problems have occurred, so the Japanese foreign exchange traders will generally choose Japans local foreign exchange brokers Overseas brokers in Japan can not develop, then the Japanese foreign exchange How about the brokers going out?  At present, the Japanese foreign exchange brokers in other regions to carry out business, overseas legal entities as long as they do not promote the Japanese customers, the Japanese regulator does not have other special constraints on this For example, has come out of Japan GMOCLICKHoldings, Inc.s wholly owned subsidiary Z.comTrade (Technology MU Global Access Finance (Hong Kong) Limited) and has acquired the Rakuten Securities of FFX Asia  intact and transparent binary options market The above article seems to have covered quite a few aspects of the Japanese foreign exchange market, there is a point that the author has not covered, which is the buzzword binary options in the past year At present, in addition to Japan, the attitude of regulation around the world towards binary options trading is almost all blocked, binary Options market is going into decline but compared to the Japanese binary options market, it is the worlds only clean slate now, the monthly trading volume is stable, customer loss rate report is also very transparent Japans Financial Services Bureau and other regulatory bureaus are different, and did not prohibit binary options trading, and is within its regulatory scope, set a very strict system to protect binary options investors this to Japanese investors, Japanese regulation gives them transparent Trading Features In addition, one of the reasons why Japanese investors prefer binary options trading is that trading accounts do not incur negative balances However, Japanese forex trading does not have a negative balance protection guarantee like NBP (NegativeBalanceProtection), so when an investor loses money trading forex to a negative account, it can also happen that the broker continues to pursue the customer The negative balance in the account, the need to hear the situation About the Japanese foreign exchange market, this article chase to this, the future accumulation of more curious points when the author will continue to share for you