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  • How to test the intelligent trading system (EA)

    read:2023/2/25 14:00:14

    1.  First of all, you get the intelligent cashback forex files copied to the mt4 client /experts/ folder my MT4 installed in the D">forex trading accountsk, as shown below to forextradingaccountstype my recently made EA-yunkaicn.mq4 this intelligent trading system for example 2. Then Start the MT4 trading software, click on the intelligent trading test under the display menu, or directly press Ctrl + R3. Then the following window appears which is the main work window of the historical data test4.    Set the properties of the intelligent system as required, the currency used for the test, choose a good time period, and the time range of the test. Click start on it, wait a while into the following this is the picture of the test: 5. At this point you can wait for the end of the test, while viewing the results and net value chart below the left, and the log, the report must be until the end of the test will be counted I test the data used more, plus my computer is slower, so look at the picture below while waiting 6. When the blue process bar below is finished and the start button becomes clickable, it means the test is finished. Web file (.html) so that a test is basically over, but MT4 also has a very fascinating feature, that is, the replay display, in order to test is ready to press the start of the check the replay display: so that when the test will be an additional chart to run at a much higher speed than the real intelligent trading system of the real order process This feature is interesting, but will waste Testing time so when using this feature I generally keep the testing time short Advantages: the replay feature can also be used for you to understand the historical trend of a currency, which is more helpful for getting familiar with the characteristics of a currency Warnings: the smart trading system can only operate on one currency when testing, if your trading system is a multi-currency order placing operating system, you cannot use historical data for testing One of the limitations of hypothetical performance is that it usually includes hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk variables such as sticking with a program after a trade has resulted in a loss. variables, such as the ability to maintain a trading process after a loss has been incurred and to maintain sufficient liquidity, are important factors that may negatively affect actual trading results.