• How to speculate in foreign exchange to make money

    read:2023/2/25 13:48:12

    How to speculate forex trading accounts forextradingaccountsregister cashback forex to make money? When speculating in foreign exchange, many investors want to find some methods of speculating in foreign exchange, these methods will be of great help to some of those who very much want to make money speculating in foreign exchange forextradingaccountstype these better tips to make money are a lot of speculative foreign exchange experts after many practices, summed up in a good practice tutorial 1. the most profitable and most often profitable method: long term position strategy - in the big fluctuations appear early in the morning into the field, a favorable time to increase the size operation, and as long as the trend continues, should continue to hold the original position unchanged However, most operators deal with this strategy, easy to fall into the fundamental trap - unfortunately, we always want to predict the clear (up or down) price trend in every market situation As a result, we always buy high at what we think is a long moment, and sell to the lowest point at the moment when it should be going short 2. often buy to The reason for the high price and sell to the low price: the market is most of the time quite balanced; in other words, is in a wide, rambling sideways range with no obvious upward or downward trend 3. follow the trend / counter-trend, double speculative operation method: the price is in a wide sideways consolidation period, you can play a game basically called counter-trend operation - buy when the price folds back to the lower end of the trading range, pop up However, once the market jumps out of this sideways band - in either direction - abandon the position opened by the countertrend operation and open a position in the direction of the strength revealed by the breakout 4. Trend operation in the upper gear near the short, the lower gear near the cover and do more counter-trend positions will only be protected by the closing stop, stop-loss points are located not far outside the range closing price no matter which direction breakthrough, you have to clear the counter-trend position to establish a new trend positions