• How can forex trading be stable and profitable

    read:2023/2/25 10:18:06

    forex trading stable profit to first learn to survive to forex trading, first learn to survive we come to thforex trading accounts forextradingaccountstype is to make money, since to make money, it is necessary to seek a long way, you should be clear you are using your wisdom to earn long-term profits, forextradingaccountsregister to gamble many people every day to carry out a large number of transactions, hate can not grasp all the trading opportunities I can only remind you that you are gambling, is playing The heartbeat, in the long run, you cashback forex be lost in the thrill of this can not be extricated Eventually, the money in your hand will little by little become others, until you lose so far This time, you do not belong to this market How to survive in the foreign exchange market 1. 100 U.S. dollars to play, the loss continues to invest 100 U.S. dollars ..... You throw a one-time loss after no, each time take a little you can have continuous learning, try, summarize the opportunity to better refine their mindset when you can be 100 dollars to 10,000 dollars when you succeed (I am now doing so) 2. strictly control the position all heavy positions are gambling, heavy positions only two results, one is a big profit two is burst when you once or twice Three times heavy positions are making money, you will develop a habit of heavy positions, you will endlessly heavy positions, the results can be imagined, your habit will eventually make you die in this market 3. strict stop loss, do not have a fluke mentality to learn to admit mistakes, when you stop loss out of the game is when you were wrong, you have to admit you were wrong, you may think, last time that single if I resist a little on the money that you notice those Single-sided market did not? encounter this kind of market you resist a try, the foreign exchange market belongs to the high leverage high-risk market, burst position is just a matter of minutes forex trading how to achieve stable profitability open positions based on do not blindly open positions, and do not frequently open positions many people trading all based on mood, open the computer casually look at minutes to open orders, which is not responsible for your account every time you enter the field to have a good reason, it is best to Develop a trading system to achieve the conditions before placing a single, otherwise wait and see you may say that the market is unpredictable, the probability of winning or losing in a good trading system are the same yes, the market itself is unpredictable, I said the trading system is not for you to predict the market, but to let you control the frequency of entry in the process of your trading, due to human greed you will have the heart of the demon, you will have N ways inside to convince you to keep So you need a method of your own to warn, spur, to help you overcome the inner demons, control the frequency of their own transactions when profits come do not stop profit, let yourself become greedy a little bit Many people are just the opposite, in the loss of time he will become greedy, afraid that the market will suddenly reverse after their stop loss, thus losing the opportunity to profit for nothing; in the profit time He will become fearful, afraid of the market turn around loss of profits in hand This is also the fundamental reason why many people earn small money lose big money in the foreign exchange market want to stabilize profits, you must make big money, lose small money Want to do this is actually very simple, is decisive stop loss at the time of loss, when profits come to remove the shackles, let it run, which is why I do not advocate not set a stop loss insist! Insist on stop loss, insist on light positions, insist on trading systems, insist on letting profits run the process of trading itself is lonely, you need to keep insisting that you survive, you will be able to stabilize profits!