• How are Forex loss orders formed What are the solutions

    read:2023/2/25 10:14:07

    Whether you are a novice or a veteran forextradingaccountstype the process of speculating in foreign exchange, the process of speculating in foreign exchange losses are unavoidable below to talk to you about what causes the situation of loss orders and what solutions are availablecashback forex How foreign exchange loss orders are formed:   1, before entering the forex trading accounts to see the wrong direction, after entering the market did forextradingaccountsregister go in the expected direction, direct stop loss;  2, stop-loss level set inappropriate, the market did not go as expected when the trader line killed a shot back, followed by a stop loss, but this shot back off the stop-loss orders;   3, the entry price is not appropriate to enter the market belongs to the counter market, the market is too sharp in the short term, the rebound space is very large, the stop loss was forced to enlarge, traders hope that the market does not rebound or a small rebound, the results are not as expected when they had to make under psychological pressure to advance Stop-loss action;   4, stop-loss too far, the market did not reach the desired level of the stop-loss level back to pounce on the stop-loss level or hanging in half empty  Foreign exchange loss single solution:   1, unilateral city to follow the trend, in the important resistance or support level when cautiously do single, the currency market oscillation when you can properly suspend the single;   2, the setting of the stop-loss level to Combined with technical analysis, according to the market to leave a margin of 5-30 points, the normal unilateral city can stay less, the rush of the unilateral city and oscillation should be more, and to compound the stop loss;   3, the market price is not appropriate do not money forced into the market, should predict the breakthrough point ambush into the market;   4, the single should be predicted to reach the time of the stop and turn the conditions of the trend, one of the two has met but not profit, should reconsider the plate, as if the transaction is completed under the new single, re-establish the stop-loss and take-profit level, or even consider first closing the position out