• Greed in foreign exchange trading

    read:2023/2/25 9:51:59

    in cashback forex exchange forextradingaccountstype forextradingaccountsregister a very strong destructive force, it affects all, including those sophisticated forex trading accounts experienced professional traders forex trading greed in the form of what are the manifestations? First, constantly expanding positions after trading for a period of time, some traders began to generate confidence, if also earn some money, greedy ideas began to move the original trading 0.05 lots, now began to be unsatisfied, feel too slow to make money, so enlarge the position to 0.5 hands bystanders reminded of the risk, what risk! At this point they ignore the greater risk, only bigger profits in their eyes This is the "shortcut" to burst positions: many traders always like to trade heavy positions, positions and the size of their accounts seriously disproportionate others $ 10,000 account trading 1 standard lot, his $ 1,000 account also trading a standard lot no doubt, he Second, you wait patiently for a long term position and finally wait for a great trading opportunity and enter the trade and everything is perfect, the market is moving in the direction you expect. However, the market trend often suddenly reverses, when you profit 150 points to the direction of your disadvantage reverses a lot of traders at this time always find reasons to comfort themselves: "the market is only a temporary pullback, continue to hold" the final market sharp pullback or trend reversal, the original lucrative transactions can only Another scenario is that the trader is not satisfied with the realized profit and wants to earn more. When the trade takes a profit of 200 points, he does not choose to close the position and does not set up profit protection thinking, "Let the profit run, why not earn 300 points or more? The same scenario as above, or ultimately two empty hands for greedy traders, I would like to caution them a sentence: short or long can be profitable, only greedy people bankrupt More learning foreign exchange - foreign exchange basics, how to speculate on foreign exchange questions and answers, please visit: foreign exchange learning section