• From kidnapping and tearing to jumping to suicide what has happened to these foreign exchange traders

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    In the eyes of the world, the world of fcashback forexance is prosperous forex trading accounts unattainable George Soros, Bill Lipshouses legendary trading life makes the term forextradingaccountstype forextradingaccountsregister trader become loud network segment frequently, it seems that the top foreign exchange traders identity, no house, no car, no tickets can still hold the beauty, because the money is fast, strong anti-stress, no time to look for flowers ...... Of course, this is just a paragraph you think foreign exchange trader a hand with champagne, a hand click the mouse will net millions of dollars, just like this:  The reality will only give you a bludgeon dont just see the foreign exchange trader glamorous side, they are always under enormous psychological pressure, and even encounter conflicts of interest brought about by personal safety problems multiple kidnappings Incident In early 2016, a Canadian foreign exchange trader was kidnapped incident shocked the industry The 33-year-old foreign exchange trader RezaMokhtarian later said he was kidnapped, the kidnappers beat him and illegally detained for 15 hours, after which he was abandoned in the wilderness Mokhtarian recorded a video, revealing the whole body was beaten The hospital diagnosis showed that he had broken ribs, a concussion and cranial damage, etc. Mokhtarian is a forex trainer who runs his own training website However, he had a conflict with another forex company website, the other party thought Mokhtarian copied the training material from their website Afterwards Mokhtarian meant to say that the kidnapping was a result of industry competition. The kidnapping was caused by industry competition In early 2012, three kidnappers from Chechnya were arrested in the Russian Federations Republic of Kalmykia for allegedly kidnapping a forex trading platform programmer The forex trading platform programmer, Igor Savanchuk, had successfully developed a computer program for trading in the forex market and worked for the three kidnappers for two months IgorSavanchuk had successfully developed a computer program for trading in the foreign exchange market and worked for these three kidnappers for 2 months, helping them to make a profit in the currency market after wanting to leave when they were kidnapped by three kidnappers after beating them up Foreign exchange is a typical fame and fortune, so that many people become impatient and vain, and even driven by the huge interests to make these shocking moves in the bureau, the trader is also difficult not to be affected Conflict to kidnapping and tearing off In late September 2015, the Malaysias 22-year-old foreign exchange trader CheungZiHong kidnapped by bandits, the kidnappers asked his family to pay a ransom of 50,000 ringgit (about $13,000) seven days later, his body was found in the jungle Cheung was quite successful in his trading career before he was born, so he lived a generous life, access to all designer clothes and luxury cars and mansions It is reported that he suffered a kidnapping and business money The question about Cheung with a car was taken away from the scene was recorded by the monitor from being taken away to the body was found, what happened during this time, the police did not disclose, it is not clear whether Cheungs family had prepared a ransom of 50,000 ringgit to the kidnappers were found on October 10, Cheungs body has been highly decomposed, the chest was also stabbed with two stabs, the finger bones and even gnawed by animals. Finger bones even have been gnawed by animals frequent suicides from October 2013 to the summer of 2014, a total of 13 executives of a globally renowned financial company were found dead police quickly closed the case, they were all suicides by media reports, most of these executives are foreign exchange traders, or work related to foreign exchange a time of panic, many Large financial companies and international banks were subject to a full-scale investigation of potential financial fraud 2014 February an afternoon, a man in Hong Kong Standard Chartered Building, the 30th floor of the roof fell to his death at the age of 33, before he was born JP Morgan Chase foreign exchange business sales it is reported that JP Morgan Chase was under investigation of the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) manipulation, the man or therefore be laid off, the The same day, they lightly whether investment bankers, brokers or sales, the pressure can be imagined they manipulate hundreds of millions of dollars every day, every transaction is about the profit and loss of customers and their careers, but also need to face the markets brutal competition stress resistance weak people, will only be lost in such an environment layoff pressure compared to the above these let people Heart-breaking encounter, foreign exchange traders now face the most realistic, but also the most brutal phenomenon is layoffs According to statistics, last year HSBC laid off 50,000 people, Barclays laid off 30,000 ...... The number of layoffs in the foreign exchange trading departments of these top banks has exceeded the number of stocks, fixed-income commodity trading department Goldman Sachs Group is from the previous 600 traders reduced to 2 people in the first half of this year This trend has intensified in recent years, some of the dismissed traders even sad and crying reason is simple, the average daily trading volume of 5.1 trillion foreign exchange market is transforming to automated trading, the manpower demand has been reduced so much. The manpower demand is significantly reduced so many foreign exchange traders lose their jobs, for them, this may be more unacceptable than trading losses The retail foreign exchange industry is the same, due to the increasingly harsh regulatory environment as well as increased competition in the market, every day there are platform shutdown, layoff news constantly Conclusion The foreign exchange trader is a profession, and the essence of all professions, are just a means to earn a living. The first time a lot of traders may just be confused into the industry, only a small number of people in understanding the hardships of the profession, still choose to adhere to