• Forex long term traders are engineers

    read:2023/2/25 6:10:03

    Long forextradingaccountstype trading forex trading accounts completely different, if short term traders are artists, then cashback forex term traders are engineers artists are full of excitement forextradingaccountsregister passion to create art, while engineers are full of hardships and challenges to carry out the project, because the project requires long-term efforts, midway there will be unexpected situations long term trading is more focused on reason, not passion long term trading is theoretically more suitable for the majority of Investors, because he focuses on rationality, but also because he is too rational and objective, will lose the excitement of daily trading, forming a lonely and more need for endurance trading behavior, somewhat like an ascetic, this suffering allows many people to rejoin the ranks of short term trading long term trading chasing trends, that the trend is their only true friend, is the source of their profits, he does not pay attention to the intra-day price fluctuations He does not pay attention to the intraday fluctuations of prices, and he thinks that the intraday fluctuations of prices have almost nothing to do with him, which also makes people think that you are insensitive, even like a fool, and he does not pay attention to how the market will go the next day, he only pays attention to whether the trend is over or not. The endurance of a long term traders position is by no means understood by the average investor, nor can the average investor bear the market has a misconception that the reason why a long term trader can hold a position for a long time is because he can predict The market has a misconception that a long term trader can hold a position for a long time because he can predict the trend and end of the market! This is a huge misconception! Long-term traders do not know the future trend of the market, just like you, he just follow the discipline of tracking the trend of the discipline of long-term positions to endure the pain of ordinary people do not understand, it can be said that the long term profit is the long market torture in exchange! The large fluctuations in the market can easily eat most of the profits of the original position, the most unbearable is that this fold back often or you think it is really going to happen, that is to say, you see the profits back, which is like someone in your preparedness to rob you of your money, this pain you understand? Can you accept it? Long-term traders have to give up a lot of profit opportunities that they think are certain in exchange for long-term profits. In addition, there are fewer opportunities for long-term trading, the market is in shock most of the year, and the long term traders have been losing money during the shock, and often in the case of a profitable position turned into a loss, this torture is enough to break anyone! At the same time, the market sometimes back to fold sharply and produce the signal of the end of the trend, you are also forced to close the position in the case of losing a large piece of profit, and then the market is running in the original direction, you must have superhuman courage and perseverance to enter the market again, these situations are easier said than done will be more difficult than you think!  Indeed, the most important thing about long term trading is to remain objective and comply with the rules, in many cases to give up your own vivid ideas and judgment, but the end of a successful long term position can obtain enviable returns, which is the reason why the long term is desirable long term trading has one of the most important characteristics: small losses win big, he does not pay attention to the ratio of the number of gains and losses, but rather pay attention to the quality of gains and losses, which is his short term trading with This is the most essential difference between him and short term trading!