• Foreign exchange trading course of mind management

    read:2023/2/25 3:05:06

      The results of forex trading accounts are nothing but profits forextradingaccountstype losses For these results, our mindset management forextradingaccountsregister important, very important! This relates to the preservation of the mountain and the rise of the east First of all, lets talk about the results of trading profits: when a person is able to stabilize profits, it is easy to produce self-paralysis, forgetfulness of the floating mentality, the danger signal appears! Be careful! At cashback forex time, you can not arbitrarily expand the position (additional trading capital)! There must be a time rhythm, a proportion of funds to increase positions at that time, there must be a time rhythm, a proportion of funds to withdraw surplus accumulation at that time, for the risk of countermeasures, or as always, good people often say that money management, in fact, the real need to address the mindset management only with a reasonable, correct mindset, you can control your innate greed; only effective control of your greedy nature Only effectively control your greedy nature, you can control your capital investment; only effectively control your capital investment, you can possibly keep the rivers and mountains in the trading market to obtain eternal life again to talk about the results of trading losses: when a person has a loss, or even a continuous loss, it is easy to produce a revenge mentality, and often anxious to revenge mentality, the danger signal appears The danger signal appears! Also pay attention! At that time, do not expand your position (additional trading capital) at will! At that time, you must check the cause of the loss to determine whether it is due to a haphazard trade or a reasonable loss (i.e. a dead end that the trading system cannot take care of). Belonging to the latter, you do not have to produce the psychology of fear, as long as you maintain a reasonable position and continue to strictly enforce the rules, you will soon get the capital curve back to the upward rule trading method of the rules, not only contains the management of trading in and out, more importantly, also contains the management of the mindset mindset management, in the trading in and out of the position, with probability to ensure the profitability of the idea, can let you encounter such a position The management of mindset, in terms of the amount of capital invested in the transaction, is to use the risk ratio (capital leverage) of each trading species to specify your position, so that you will not change the weight of the position at will, because you understand that once you change the weight of the position, it is to change the risk ratio, change the original (due) statistical probability of the trading system In this sense, I repeatedly insist on opening a position at once because Only those who do not understand the probability will keep using the method of adding or subtracting positions, which is subjective, to put it bluntly? People who add or subtract positions have statistics on the probability of success and failure of adding or subtracting positions in which positions? No! Because there is no such statistical standard (unlike the average line has an objective standard)! It is based on the subjective feeling in adding or subtracting positions which is not managed well due to the loss, whether it is a reasonable loss, or unreasonable loss, with a good and reasonable management of the mind, will make you rise again, and then fight the mountain, and then further to keep the mountain!