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  • Foreign exchange trading common misconceptions and solutions

    read:2023/2/25 3:03:30

    in the foreign cashback">forextradingaccountsregister market for foreign exchange forex trading accounts is like a marathon endurance run, a distance ahead does not represent the ultimate victory, forextradingaccountstype the entire trading track in the road without repeating the occasional few accelerated sprint seems easy, but to constantly optimize the long-running strategy, always maintain the state of excitement to stimulate your central nerve movement according to different road conditions Adjust your pace at any time, be persistent and humble in order to have a chance to get a long victory a, forex trading in the misconceptions we talk to you today and forex trading in the easy to make mistakes? For your reference Mistake 1: Think too much This is definitely the most common mistake of traders in the foreign exchange market, especially novice forex traders Many people tend to think of forex trading as too difficult, always worried about the wrong time to enter ah and so on a series of ideas Solution: Keep your thoughts clear and avoid indecisiveness When your forex trading level reaches a certain level, you can start to build your own trading plan and Start trading in the foreign exchange market at this time you need to do something very simple, that is, adhere to their own methods, shield all foreign exchange market within the foreign exchange to bring you the external influence, do not have doubts about their own foreign exchange trading methods mistake 2: too much trading in the foreign exchange market too much foreign exchange trading and think too much the opposite, think too much usually means fearful, afraid to trade trading and too much to carry out Foreign exchange trading usually comes from thinking too little This means that you have not spent enough time learning about foreign exchange trading, have not learned how to build a proper foreign exchange trading plan, or you are too greedy and do not have the patience to wait until your foreign exchange trading advantage in the foreign exchange market appears Solution: Properly understand and understand that more trading does not equal profitability The best way to solve this problem is to understand that too much foreign exchange trading The best way to solve the problem is to understand that too much forex trading is not the same as more profit. The more volatile the trading emotions, the smaller the possibility of making the right trading judgment, and eventually enter a dead-end cycle, the trading results can be imagined Solution: carefully assess their own financial strength, especially for novice forex traders, when you first enter the forex market to invest a small amount of money can be, so you can get a more relaxed trading experience, so familiar with and correct their trading strategies, do not act recklessly, greedy error 4: missed trading signals after chasing up /This is also a common mistake made by many forex traders they will be in a trading signal has been completely digested by the market and then rush to enter, always want to catch the last train and the reason for doing so is most likely because they regret not being able to make timely forex trading decisions, want to use this to make up for the regrets of the heart solution: wait for the second chance to come we all know a proverb good horses do not eat grass in the forex market is also the case The regret of missing a forex trading opportunity is just a feeling of unpleasantness, if rashly chasing the market brings regret may be a real loss which is good or bad, the immediate judgment Therefore, after missing the trading signals we should do is to calmly analyze why we failed to seize this trading opportunity, sum up the experience, and wait for the next trading opportunity to come calmly to deal with mistake 5: will be too much attention on the news and Some top traders believe that you should not pay too much attention to the news because if you want, you can always find information and even evidence that can refute your trading views nowadays with the advanced network. Therefore, all you have to do is stick to your forex trading strategy, selectively ignore some of the news in the forex market, find your own trading edge and execute it without thinking too much about the impact of the news Mistake 6: Not getting enough knowledge/education before the real forex trading All investors who do not take the time to learn about the kind of knowledge they want to trade can only be considered speculators Please believe that in the forex market Pay and return is proportional to the probability of events, if you are not willing to invest energy in learning to trade, it only means that you take the market as a casino, even if you make some money, but also just good luck solution: invest in yourself, investment trading learning in my personal opinion, you need to learn from the most basic knowledge to learn how to read the charts, understand the basic rules of entry / exit, learn the basic Foreign exchange trading strategy only after having enough trading knowledge, you can get a ticket to build your own forex trading strategy live and learn, knowledge will most likely prove its importance to you at the critical moment