• Foreign exchange traders must see five movies and documentaries

    read:2023/2/25 2:50:16

    every year the market will always come forextradingaccountsregister a new group of investors, in the ignorance of the beginning, accept the brutal market baptforextradingaccountstypem, eliminating some, leaving some, some people end up trading as a companion, spend their lives investing money to do trading, do not read a few thick books, always seem to feel cashback forex they did not step into the door, but in this human nature crazy far better than the technical drawing line at the moment, we Few movies can truly capture the essence of a traders life. The string between profit forex trading accounts potential loss is always taut, but mainstream movies hardly capture this. The following 5 movies will give every trader key lessons to help him better understand trading. The stark contrast between the two styles is evident throughout the film, and the ability to anticipate is as important in poker as it is in trading. Peoples worst enemy is often the most easily ignored part of the ego deliberately weak performance is actually to hide the strength and vice versa, the driving force of price volatility is so traders can find trading strategies are actually so similar to chess strategies appearances are not real, which is already a wealth of traders are familiar with the psychology of the  "Devil Trader" RogueTrader stop loss this movie Adapted from the story of devil trader Nick Leeson, who hid a $1.3 billion loss that eventually led to the bankruptcy of the Bank of Bahrain in 1995 The movie begins with a cheerful tone depicting a turnaround However, overconfidence eventually led to the downfall of Britains oldest banking institution In the movie, there is another reason for such a failed ending, which is the extreme lack of trade management on a failed position Any trader who has lost all Traders who have lost all the money in their accounts prove the truth that it is difficult to win under desperation This type of truth resonates constantly in the movie because the movie provides a full shot for people to see things happen, as if the driver is sitting in a car rushing towards a cliff, knowing that everything will happen, but powerless to stop it Two For The Money complacency, humility and preparationThis movie witnesses how a fallen soccer player lives a paper-thin life through sports bettingTraders experience both the exhilarating thrill of incredible profits and the numbness and frustration that comes with a string of crushing lossesThis cautionary film depicts the transition between a winning streak and constant, bigger losses, because once a trader becomes complacent, its easy to develop a psychological blind spot  The Emotional Ups and Downs of Floored Trading This documentary follows all the ups and downs of traders as the battlefield shifts from the exchange to the electronic trading screen, showing how old-school floor traders have been eliminated by the changes in electronic trading, a process that has shown them to be so stubborn that they fall into the doldrums of either moving with the times or elimination is the most important theme of the film. The conversations between Candid and successful and unsuccessful traders in this market film provide invaluable insight into the factors that influence these professionals, including lifestyle, family and overall psychology, and traders can draw inspiration from this film, which captures the essence of what it means to be a trader.