• Foreign exchange investment must be good at using the weekly

    read:2023/2/24 22:54:34

    forextradingaccountstype cashback forex a reflection of the daily fluctuations in the exchange rate, but if we are overly obsessed with the daily exchange rate rise forextradingaccountsregister fall, will only see the trees, not the forest, so to grasp the trend of the exchange rate from a longer period, but also to apply the forex trading accounts chart to observe the general, in the weekly chart, we can observe the weekly and daily resonance, secondary golden cross, resistance, divergence and several other phenomena to find Buy and sell points 1, weekly and daily resonance weekly reflects the medium-term trend of the exchange rate, while the daily reflects the daily fluctuations of the exchange rate, if the weekly and daily indicators at the same time issued a buy signal, the possibility of the signal will be greatly increased, such as the weekly KDJ and daily KDJ resonance, often a better buy point daily KDJ is a sensitive indicator, fast change, strong randomness, often false buy, sell signals, so that investors are at a loss. The weekly KDJ and the daily KDJ together golden fork (thus resonating), you can filter out false buy signals and find high-quality buy signals However, in practice, you will often encounter such a problem: because the daily KDJ changes faster than the weekly KDJ, when the weekly KDJ golden fork, the daily KDJ has been a few days ahead of the golden fork, the exchange rate has also risen for a period of time, the buy cost has been raised. Buy costs have been raised, for this reason, aggressive investors can be in the weekly K, J two lines hook, will form a gold cross when buying in advance, in order to reduce costs 2, the weekly second gold fork when the exchange rate (weekly chart) experienced a decline after rebounding up breakthrough 30 weekly level, we call the weekly a gold fork, however, at this time is often just the dealer in building positions, we should not participate, but should remain on the sidelines; when the exchange rate (weekly chart) again break through the 30-week line, we call the weekly second golden fork, which means that the dealer washing end, is about to enter the pull-up period, the market will have a larger rise at this time can pay close attention to the stocks movement, once its daily system issued a buy signal, you can boldly follow up 3, the weekly resistance weekly support and resistance, more reliable than the daily chart from this years market we can find a Law, from a weekly perspective, many oversold varieties of the first wave of rebound often reached the 60-week SMA near the not-so-subtle change to the weekly K-line pattern analysis, if the upward weekly K-line to a long upper shadow line touching the 60-week SMA, such a trend indicates that the 60-week line pressure is greater, the market price will most likely have to pull back; if a solid weekly line through or even touch the 60-week SMA, then the market continues to Up, a complete breakthrough of the 60-week SMA is very likely in fact, the 60-week SMA is the annual line in the daily chart, but the annual line alone is difficult to distinguish the breakthrough will, the trend is often due to the continuity of single-day fluctuations and bad split, while the weekly inspection time is longer, once the breakthrough stability is better, we have enough time to determine the investment strategy 4, the weekly divergence of the daily divergence and can not confirm the exchange rate Whether the top or bottom, but if the important indicators on the weekly chart bottom divergence and top divergence, it is almost a reliable signal of the bottom (top), you may wish to review the important bottom and top of the weekly indicators in the past, the bottom of the search for the future should be a good reference role The daily line is easy to meet the cheat line, but also too microscopic so you need to study the weekly line from time to time, to understand more with the daily line with the research effect better