• Foreign exchange investment correctly set the stop loss

    read:2023/2/24 22:29:37

    The first time to participate cashback forex foreign exchange margin trading investors, the most likely to make forex trading accounts also the most fatal mistake is not strict stop loss, they lack sufficient understforextradingaccountstypeing of risk because each transaction can not reach 100% correct, so many newcomers may start a few lucky to do a single correct, and began to blindly despise the market, the biggest performance is not strict stop loss In fact, foreign exchange An important guarantee of success for investors is the need for strict stop-loss good stop-loss point has a very high set of skills, and the actual implementation is required than the average person with great courage and determination, but it is one of the important factors indispensable to become a constant winner in the market The following is a gold capsule provided by foreign exchange through financial investment training experts to provide investors with the two common methods of foreign exchange investment stop-loss (1) capital stop-loss method capital Stop-loss hair does not require any skills, basically according to the degree of acceptance of losses for each person for example, A to carry out a transaction, he can afford the maximum loss of $ 1000, if it happens that the position loss reached $ 1000, then A must unconditionally any compensation out of the field this method is simple and will not be easily set according to the technical side caused by the trigger stop loss but this stop-loss setting method lacks (2) Price pattern stop-loss method This method is based on the Dow theory of various price patterns formed by support or pressure (such as rectangles, triangles, head and shoulders, flags, etc.), the stop-loss point should be set above the pressure (short sellers), below the support (long sellers), that is, more than a few points to avoid generating Disc extreme point of touch A forextradingaccountsregister line trend line is formed by two points in the price trend, such as the long trend is gradually padded by the low even into the rising trend line touch the more times the greater the significance, it can be seen as a rising trend of support, so do more people can set the selling stop in the rising trend line below, empty investment trend is the opposite B continuous pattern continuous pattern for the price trend in the finishing, there A short break and then forward, is a good opportunity to enter, such as flag, rectangle, triangle, etc. C reversal pattern reversal pattern including throwing shoulder top (bottom), M-head (W bottom), triangle, rectangle, topping shape, etc., is mainly the use of price breakthroughs, these patterns to complete the formation of support or pressure as a stop-loss point D general pattern homeopathic operation is more than like the highest principle (in addition to box consolidation), assuming that A Determine the price trend at this time for the long trend, then the stop-loss point can be set in the previous relative a low, the short side vice versa E gap gap can be exhaustion gap, breakthrough gap, escape gap, and general gap, etc., he can be seen as support or pressure (except for the general gap), so it can be set as a stop-loss point Many people often interpret pressure and support as a single price point, in fact, support and pressure should be a In fact, support and pressure should be a price range rather than a single specific point as to where to set a stop loss in the range, depending on the degree of volatility and its trading strategy to determine In addition, to set the technical aspects of the stop loss must be noted that many people often set important support or pressure as a stop loss, so in setting the stop loss, should avoid these places (such as more points) to avoid being affected by the trigger stop loss